To start with the Underworld has had to been remodeled so many times the Death Gods make jokes about the construction going on.

Early on the souls of the dead would be fought over like prizes. The death gods would spend more time bickering over souls final destination rather than doing their damned jobs. This change when souls stopped arriving in Duat, Anubis now had more free times on his hands than he knew what to do with. He stopped bickering and started playing peacemaker, as Judge of the Dead it wasn’t that big of a switch in roles. Soon he was just judging the dead and sending them to their final destinations. Soon that turned into sending certain souls to one place, and other souls to another. Changing the Underworld into mostly what it is today. Souls are sent based upon their lives to different places.

The greater lands of The Underworld


Like the ancient Nile river Valley, Duat follows the NILE as it snakes throw a hot, dry sandy desert, there is no sun. Only a sweltering darkness, cruel Spirits and dangerous creatures call this dark, hot place home. The realm is divided into seven gates. Each gate is guarded by a Guardian who will stop a soul from traveling through the gate.

A soul who braves the Seven Gates of Duat will eventually find themselves to the Realm of Osiris. Here they will judge by the weighing of a feather, it is a very heavy feather. Should there heart prove equal or lighter than the feather they will be allowed to travel on to Aaru. Those whose heart is heavier are fed to Ammit.

The journey to Aaru is just as dangerous as the first travels through Duat, with twisting path that lead nowhere and in circles, both real gates and false gates. The creatures often change the paths making it difficult to find one’s place.


Aaru is a city bath nearly consistently in twilight.

It sit as the edge of a great sea where large, docile fish swim. The massive River Nile splits off in smaller rivers that floods out in a delta of soft reeds that whisper soft sweet sounds. Here all good souls who have survived the Journeys of Duat and the Measuring of their souls wait for the Gods.

Every Night a large feast is thrown, food is plentiful and beer flows unending. During the day, Crops only just planted are harvest, while men hunt fat docile animals, and fisherman pull fish into their boats simply by grasping the fish by the tail. It is an easy life in comfortable warmth.

Every Morning Atum guarded by Set and Horus rises from his death sleep to bless the souls of Aaru before he returns to the world as the new day sun.

Everyone here is the best of the world that was, all here are kind and all want to make eternity paradise as it is only proper. Pharaohs of old complete monuments in competition with each other. Scholars carry on debates that have only grown more complex. Poets sing forgotten songs and play notes with thousands of years of practice. Men and Women live a life of simple ease wanting for nothing except the company of ancient friends. Aaru is the place of all good souls, they have brave life, lived in the proper way, braved Duat to be judge worthy and braved Duat one final to come again to rest here. They are proud souls who have no reason to want more than the place they have earned.

It has changed little in that few thousand years, few people come to Aaru. There are some souls who still brave the test of Duat and find resting here, most of these mortals are Egyptologist.







The Ten Courts


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