House of the Panda Commandos

Currently there is a great deal of changes made by our group as rules have more thoughly tested as we are unlikely to get a second edition we have made our own more or less. Most of the core rules have remained the same and the ones that haven’t can’t really be short handed in a way that make any sense out of context.

We can give a short feature of how we have changed the rules:

  • Health is simply to a simple half/one/three lose system to let combat reach the epic song level they should be
  • Guns deal damage automatically and Intelligence is rolled as a way to hopefully make them level with Melee Weapons.
  • Multiple Fan Made knacks, purviews, and rules have been added to fill in some of the gaps in the powers.
  • A legend system to make Fate both fun and less meta-level
  • Combat itself has been mostly left alone.

To see our full list of rules on our Google Drive

House of the Panda Commandos

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