Greetings Page

To those wishing to be Awesome.

Hello, did you ever want to kill a dinosaur wielding a fuel truck as a bat? Out dance a cult of Dragon worshiping Kabolts? Take Cthulhu on in a 50-ton Mech? Be seduced by the power of the Dark Side?

Yea, me too, too bad we can’t. We can pretend though. Which is the point of this group.

This group focus is for players interested in joining a mostly weekly table top RPG, in the Albuquerque area. The games played are mostly humorous with a focus on crazy. However, this is still a mostly serious group but metagaming does run a little wild sometimes, usually into a brick wall while screaming about being on fire. Except for Spalding, who doesn’t run.

We have a lot of fun but the main problem we have run into is we are short players most of the time. We have a GM who is usually told he is awesome and it goes to his head. Yet, he is awesome none the less. We also have a lot of inside jokes and reoccurring jokes from previous nights. Which happens in any group.

Who are We?

The Panda Commando is a three… thing… team of friends and Chaotic Good minded people from New Mexico. Nicholas Muehlenweg, is an undergraduate Creative English Major at the University of New Mexico. Jonathan Chance is a fine and outstanding member of the community who wishes to serve and protect the general public. Finally there is Spalding who is Spalding. We are always looking for someone to gaze into the maw of the warp and join us.

Greetings Page

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