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  • Yuri

    One of the Savior of London and the slayer of the Rache. Rumored to be one of the most powerful crime boss in Honk Kong. Alley of Sarutahiko Okami. Wielder of the great Katana Руководитель дробилка. Yuri was born just outside of a small fishing village …

  • Delmar

    h4. Report from LISP (Logos Intellengent Services and Protection):

     Mother and Step-Father were members of the US Armed forces. Possible different Branches. Mother deployed to Misawa Air Base. The mother received the attention of Raijin during a  … 

  • Durjaya "Van" Vanishika

    h1. The Present * Father to a Kraken, named Junior * Big fan of Lovecraft fiction. * Hasn't finished High School. h4. Threat Assessment from LISP (Logos Intellengent Services and Protection):

    Agent: Class
    Observational  … 

  • Arsenio

    Dropped a rocket on a Giant. Trees are his friends. Cleaned up Mexico City. Has a Catholic cult worshiping him as a Saint. Knows everyone Dive and Host club in Japan and Korea.

  • Willy "One-Eyed" Dickson

    h3. Report from LISP (Logos Intellengent Services and Proctetion):

    William Richard Dickson was born in Haiti. Willy's early history is difficult to place, his transitory nature makes it difficult to make observations. Mother was in love with the … 

  • Donald "Donny" Sinclair

    The bastard child of an Irish crime boss and The Morrigan in one of her manic, motherly phases, Donald "Donny" Sinclair found himself in the Sinclair Orphanage House of Dublin the very instant his mother's mood changed. From there, he ended up on the …

  • Dr. Miguel Moreno

    Recent events have had Dr. Moreno in a tizzy. He hasn't got to sacrifice anybody, which has really put him in a sour mood, and he keeps getting blown up. Twice so far with close to around 100 pounds of C4 from various cultists. Plus side is he found …