богу бессмысленном разрушении


Associate Power: War, Water, Sky, Fire, Strength, Stamina
Associate Abilities: Athletics, Melee, Marksmanship,


One of the Savior of London and the slayer of the Rache. Rumored to be one of the most powerful crime boss in Honk Kong. Alley of Sarutahiko Okami. Wielder of the great Katana Руководитель дробилка.

Yuri was born just outside of a small fishing village on the Siberian coast. Yuri began his career fighting bears till he was old enough to be drafted into the Red Army. Yuri refuses to talk about his time with the army all that he will state for sure is that he was in a spetnaz but which one? A mystery for some other god, though, Susano-o does state he made his visitation after Yuri left the army and was travelling the motherland.

Yuri made his way northward to a small island off of Scotland when he began his association the Band Tomorrow’s Revenge. Which is when things got really weird for him.


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