Starfire Industries

"In Blackest Night... Remember Starfire Industries still burns brightly"


Mechanized infantry supported by light vehicles. UMWs provide squad-level firepower. As they are out of the post-soviet Russian Bloc, their kits reflect that origin.

Starfire paints their armor and UMW units red, as another joke about Ukraine’s history.


Starfire Industries was founded in Kiev. The company founders jokingly said they picked the name from a folktale that sometimes you can see Chernobyl glowing.

Starfire has seen action in the Korean Unification, Chinese Revolution, Russian Coup and most of the theaters of war in the Middle East. Their portfolio highlights their ability to manage crowds and handle unconventional infantry. The company is rated as one of the best Human Rights PMCs.

Starfire Industries relies on mechanized infantry with drone back up, preferring to allow other companies and conventional militaries to deal with Heavy Armour problems while they eradicate enemy personnel with extreme prejudice.

Starfire Industries

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