Mary the Assistant

Mortal barista up to her eyeballs in debt and a Masters in Biology


Due to happenstance Mary was kidnapped by a giant moth when a scion requested a Coffee Mocha Latte.

To avoid the trouble of trying to figure out what to do with a kidnap victim Pops dropped a pile of useless pebbles, Gold mostly, into her lap and offered her a job.

Mary needs a job, since Biology job are exactly flying off the shelf she is stuck taking tempt after tempt job. Until she met with the band travelling with Daniel “Pops” Lydon and accepted the his empty position of assistant for all the useless metals she could carry, a lot of which was gold and other precious stones. While working for Pops she learned, animal caring, electrical, demolition, carpentry, mining and engineering.

After pops vanished into the night she was forced to do something, with the massive money she collected while in Pops care she payed off her debits. With the money left over she start a security company using what Pops had taught her and managed to build the company up. It was purchased by ADS a few years later and the then CEO asked Mary to run the PMC cult dedicated to Athena.

Mary the Assistant

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