Malandra Rizzo

Scion of Mah


Malandra will, for the most part, avoid combat… Mostly because she sees it coming. That’s about all she seems to do avoid things and warn about something.


Some say Malandra is crazy. She talks to things that aren’t there, stargazes on rooftops and sings to the moon. She’s always polite, but unnerving – she always seems far away. Malandra is always early and always the first to leave.

Though her being a prophet might explain a lot of the weirdness that surrounds her.

Malandra was the last of the New Amsterdam Band to arrive in NYC, in the hope that she can save the band from some unspoken ‘something’ in the future. She remains vague on the subject, having been sworn not to speak of it directly.

Her warnings have helped the band more than they would like to admit, but lately she has been looking down, because she knew about the DRAGON!

She went to Providence but wasn’t able to do anything to help, she saved some people but that is rarely enough to out weigh the guilt.

While trapped in Providence, she spent most her time trying to help people with the finding of body and helping some people move on.

Malandra Rizzo

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