Leia Hellström

The Pink member of the Evil Task Force Justice Five


“Leia brings… Imagination to the group.”

“Поддельные пластиковые куклу”

“Despite Hellström’s soft pink exterior, inside her chest beats the sound righteous fury of justice!”

“Liea brings color to this group, if you know what I mean.”

“Leia wasn’t originally considered for the group but my producers convinced me… that she is a true asset.”

It would be easier to talk about what isn’t true than what is about Leia Hellström before she joined Evil Task Force Justice Five. No, she was not a model. No, she did not do porn. She is not an immigrant; legal, illegal or otherwise. And no, she was not just an Actor before being thrown on to Evil Task Force Justice Five.

The truth is relatively simple; Leia Hellström served in the LAPD, though not many can remember where or doing what, before she quit and joined Evil Task Force Justice Five.

“What isn’t true” about Leia is true, a pornstar-turned-actress who the producers threw on to the show because Z and Helen don’t really have a high approval rating with the biggest target demographics. The group is/was relatively unhappy with her addition, believing at the time that she was just a mortal – until she threw a man through a sheet of transparent aluminum glass.

She revealed she is a Scion of Freya, and everything she does is more or less specifically to piss her mother off one way or the other. The group is not sure what to make of Leia.

Leia mostly kept to herself during the three months in Rhode Island, mostly due to the fact that slaying a Dragon, even if it was just a good kicking out of Midguard, makes you popular. For once, Leia did something good and it pleased her mother. The problem she has now is she doesn’t know how to feel about that.

Leia Hellström

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