Daniel "Pops" Lydon



The crazy survivalist found in the middle of forest. Pops is as old as the dirt he shovels out of holes, smells similar too.

Pops has an extensive collection of Firearms, mostly small arms and shovels.

Pops has a modified GPV Colonel APC, with a trailer that is connected, it has shown that is has some kind super powered engine.


Daniel “Pops” Lydon isn’t sure how old he is. He remembers things, like fighting in the Pacific. Where in the Pacific? Fuck you that’s where.

Pops is something of a myth inside the survivalist community. A man who has prepared for it all. Has more Guns than the Collective Arms of the Pentagon. Has more dried milk than than a dairy farm could ever produce in its life time.

Pops for his own reason has retreat into his mine only to come out when meeting with the odd traveler that find themselves lots in the Virginia Wilderness.

Thanks to running into the Scion band Pops has return to the world and began to reconnect with other Extremist Survivalists.

Recently he has taken on Mary as his assistant, to help with his Bear Training, Cave Sausage making, and hole digging.

Daniel "Pops" Lydon

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