Brother Anders

The Leader of Gaia's Childern


Anders is a mortal, though he is a crafty bastard he is still a mortal.

LOGOS Manifestation Report.
Field Team Lead: Agent Sunshine
Threat Assessment:  Problematic.
Agents sent to watch Subject have yet to report anything more powerful than a grade 1 manifestation though many observation agents report manifestations are barely tangible remaining trapped in the Axis Mundi appearing as apparitions. Agents have been unable to identify the target making contact.

However given Anders is recruiting the effect is more than enough. Many so called "Mystics," "Wizards," "Witch," and "pagans." Have converted to the Children's Message. Which is rather simple their is a great Wyrm it is trying to Devour the planet's soul.

Anders is likely only aware of Scions but marks them not what they are but rather as agents something he calls the Wyrm. Which need to be destroyed to save the planet's soul. Most of the Agents sent to infiltrate have had a hard time not laughing. Though as of to date, infiltration has been unproblematic and we should continue to watch Anders. His ability to manifest will grow and it is unknown if this will consume him or his mind before he can do any real harm to Order.

Anders is the thirteen American environmentalist added to the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists list. He is a straight edge vegan and animal liberationist who has an alleged association with the Animal Liberation Brigade cell responsible for two bombings in 2003. He is believed to have ties to Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty.

Brother Anders

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