The Immortal Game

Most Wanted

It was the perfect storm of whose water is whose.

If it fits, we ship it, why are you hard to fold, you are an invertebrate.

Under the water! Ya we in luck here! Down in the muck here! Under the sea!

You are writing in Fishpen.

Best part about a tea party under water is you never have to refill your cup.

Come on, its tea like. Things to steep in the hudson.

New York has lost its luster.

This is my character talking. Because I would never say something that stupid.

Oh hell no, I jump into the hudson.

We are like if the JSA hated each other.


You just punched the City’s hero in the face on national television, while he shot a beloved media icon.

Did you use Chaos again? DID YOU USE YOUR CHAOS AGAIN!

I just keep swimming.


NicMuehlenweg NicMuehlenweg

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