A pawn in motion is worth more than a stoic Queen…

In 1851 two men play one of the most famous games of chess where one player sacrificed all but a Bishop and Knight where he still managed to checkmate his opponent. The game is infamous for proving that a queen isn’t worth its point cost if it doesn’t do anything.

The gods are in Heaven and all is fine. Except without gods directly influence the world they must move through proxies. The Scions are the strongest pawn they have, how do the gods use the children that were sired in a moment of “weakness?”

They must be used carefully for they are not as easily lead as mortals.

What is this game?

This is a collection of Scion games set in an ever expanding world. Every game effects the future games that follow it.

At the moment this game is on hiatus depending deletion with Second Edition release hopefully later this year.

The Immortal Game

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