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Unique Powers
Willpower, Legend, and Fate POINTS


Trait Increase Cost
Attribute rating x 4
Ability favored by divine parent (rating x 2) – 1
Ability rating x 2
Virtue rating x 3
Willpower rating x 2
Legend rating x 8
Epic Attribute (associated with divine parent) rating x 4
Epic Attribute (not associated with divine parent) rating x 5
Pantheon-Specific Purview rating x 4
Special Purview Rank (associated with divine parent) rating x 4
Special Purview Rank (not associated with divine parent) rating x 5
New Trait Cost
Ability 3
Epic Attribute (associated with divine parent) 8
Epic Attribute (not associated with divine parent) 10
Knack 5
All-Purpose Purview Boon (associated with divine parent) rating x 4
All-Purpose Purview Boon (not associated with divine parent) rating x 5
Pantheon-Specific Purview 3
Special Purview (associated with divine parent) 3
Special Purview (not associated with divine parent) 4
Spell (Magic associated with divine parent) rating x 4
Spell (Magic not associated with divine parent) rating x 5
Boon (Purview associated with divine parent) rating x 4
Boon (Purview not associated with divine parent) rating x 5
Relic Cost 5 x Relic Rank

Basic Legend Bonus Breakdown

Rank Auto Success Lifting Throwing Reroll
1 1 +500 lbs. x2 1
2 2 +1,000 lbs. x4 2
3 4 +2,000 lbs. x8 3
4 7 +10,000 lbs. x40 4
5 11 +50,000 lbs. x200 5
6 16 +125 tons x1,000 6
7 22 +625 tons X5,00 7
8 29 8
9 37 9
10 46 10


Attack Order

  1. Attacker Declares Attack
  2. Attack Roll vs. Defender’s Defense
  3. Calculate Damage Roll
  4. Roll Damage
    1. Apply Armor
    2. Apply Soak
    3. Apply Hardness
  5. Mark Health

Defense Value = (Dexterity +{Athletics||Brawl||Melee} +Legend)/2 + Epic Dexterity + Untouchable + Weapon Bonus + Shield Bonus + Modifiers

Combat Attack Details

Type Accuracy (Always: Weapon + Accuracy) Damage (Always: Threshold +Weapon Damage +1)
Melee + Dexterity + Melee + Strength
Heavy Unarmed + Dexterity +Brawl -1 + Strength +1
Light Unarmed + Dexterity + Brawl +1 + Strength-1
Clinch* + Dexterity or Strength + Brawl + Strength (No Armor)
Throwing + Dexterity +Throwing + Strength
Arcane Projectiles + Dexterity + Marksmanship + Strength
Modern Projectiles + Dexterity + Marksmanship + Intelligence

Basic Combat

Value Formula
Join Battle Wits + Awareness
Movement Dexterity yards + (Epic Dexterity)
Dash Dexterity + 6 + (Epic Dexterity*2)
Climb Speed Dexterity / 2 + (Epic Dexterity)
Swim Speed Dexterity / 2 + (Epic Dexterity)
Vertical Jump Strength + Athletics yards + (Epic Strength)
Horizontal Jump (Strength + Athletics) * 2 yards+(Epic Strength)
Bashing Soak Stamina
Lethal Soak Stamina / 2
Aggravated Soak Epic Stamina Dots
Mind Test Willpower + Moxie + Legend or you could Spend a point of Willpower to Pass the Test


  1. Declare Attack
  2. Roll against Defense
    • Attack Roll (Dexterity and Brawl) vs. Defense Value
  3. Grappled Victum becomes Immobile, (can take limited actions,) and loses next action becoming linked with the attacker.
    • Attacker Chooses an Action:
      • Break Hold (Both become Mobile again)
      • Crush (Roll Damage, Apply Soak but not Armor)
      • Hold/Body Shield (Grappler can move grappled in hold, 90% cover,+4 DV,)
      • Throw (Roll Throw Attack, Attack applies to target and grapple “throwing weapon” and Break Grapple)
  4. Roll for Control, Contested roll:
    • Dexterity and Brawl
    • Strength and Brawl
  5. Is Grapple still on? Go Back to Step 4. Or go back to Combat as normal.


Health = 1 + Legend + Epic stamina Raw Dot
Health dice penalty = 0 – (Health/5)

Health total = 1 + Legend + Epic stamina Raw Dot + Bonus
Health Dice Penalty = 0 – (Health/5)

Bashing = 1/2 “Heart”
Lethal = 1 “Heart”
Aggravated = 3 “Heart”
Doubles damage type on damage rolls greater than every multiple of x50

A character who takes a lethal or aggravated wound is bleeding. Unless a character (or a friend) binds the wound to stop the bleeding, the character loses another level of lethal damage every (Stamina) minutes. Stanching a wound requires a (Wits + Medicine) roll at difficulty equal to the number of lost Hearts.

Crippling Wounds:
Only aggravated wounds leave lasting marks on Scions, and even these fade over time. Only by actually losing a body part can a Scion be permanently inconvenienced.

Every heart requires one week of natural healing,

Continues to work as it does, only now it has a passive effect of healing the scion faster, halving the time needed.
Cannot be used in Combat.

Works the same as is only now it heals faster, halving the time and stacks with Self-Healing, but you can now reattach limbs for free by holding the severed appendage in place for a moment. Finally after one Lethal of bleeding the bleeding wound automatically closes.
Can used in Combat, requires a Fortitude and Stamina Roll. Difficulty equals

Body Armor:
Body Armor doesn’t help with healing but the Ichor in the blood turns instantly into same blue-ish sheen and stanch the wound preventing blood lost.

Unique Powers

I Can Sense Your Legend.

Reach out with your feelings: With an Academic (Occult) and Perception check you can feel the location of other Scions and other Supernatural Forces. Often time telling them apart by there scent and Sound that seem to echo from them. Default Difficulty is 1.
You can cover your scent with an Academy (occult) plus Apperence Roll Last one scene. Using any Boons will cancel your ability to hide from a Foe, Though it might be too late for them.
Supernatural Hunter: Like normal but doubles the roll for Reaching out.

Paethon Scent Sound
Aesir Burning amber A snap of electricity
Amatsukami Cherry blossoms A roaring wave
Atzlánti Fresh blood A heartbeat
Celestial Bureaucracy Ink and old paper Rustling silk
Devas Incense Low humming
Dodekatheon Olives in hot air Murmuring crowd
Loa Rum and tobacco on a sea breeze A drumbeat
Pesedjet Dry dust and sand A sound of wind
Tuatha Dé Dannan Fresh grass and clover Creaking wood
Yazata A large garden in desert air Falling Sand
Logos Ozone Dial up Noise
Akhetaten Sand shifting Sand
Drowning Road Moistor running river
Terra Forsets Animals Calling
Muspelheim Black Smokee Sizzling Flesh/meat
Mechane Burning Oil Machinery Clanking together
Soki-no-kumi snuffed candle Fabric moving brushing across the ground
Ehekatoyaatl Rain about to fall Thunder
Crom Cruach Rotting Meat Skittering exoskeletons
Hundun Thousand of smells; some sweet, some discussing, A thousand whispers saying your name.
Vritra Dry stale air Snake Hissing

Minium Dice

Characters with Legend X have a minimum effectiveness of X, even in the face of incredible adversity and personal hardship. If, after all the preceding penalties, such a character’s dice pool is less than her Legend rating, she can roll a number of dice equal to her Legend instead. This minimum pool can be greater than a character’s original, unmodified dice pool. Characters with Charisma 1, Presence 0 and Legend 3 are not as personable as characters with Charisma 2 and Presence 1.

It cost activation cost of one Willpower and it last one scene.


(Str. + Ath.) total Lift (lbs.) Sample Feat
1 40 Lift two microwaves, rip tough plastic
2 80 Lift a grown man, kick through a wooden plank
3 220 Punch through a wooden door
4 350 Lift a refrigerator, bend an iron bar
5 450 Lift a calf, lift a motorcycle or kick a wooden door to flinders
6 550 Punch through a reinforced wooden door
7 650 Snap an iron bar over one knee
8 800 Lift a light horse, rip a chain-link fence apart
9 1,000 Pull a car in neutral by yourself as fast as you can run
10 1,200 Lift a heavy horse or full-grown cow
11 1,400 Pull a car with the parking brake on, knock down a brick wall with repeated blows
12 1,600 Kick a reinforced wooden door to pieces, rip a fence from the ground, rip iron bars out of the wall
13 1,800 Lift ten adults (or five sumos), punch through a metal door
14 2,000 Break out of handcuffs, knock down supporting walls through sheer strength
15 2,200 Punch through a stone wall, kick a metal door to pieces
16 2,500 Lift an average car, kick nearly any door open
17 3,000 Punch through a metal door, pull down walls
18 3,500 Flip an SUV, hold a muscle car in place while the engine revs
19 4,000 Tear steel with your bare hands
20 4,500 Knock semis over with a well-placed shove
21+ +500 per Incredible things—do your best to extrapolate!

With Epic

Strength + Athletics Lift/Press(lbs.) Sample Feat
20 4,500 (about 2 tons) Knock Semis over with a well-placed shove
20 + Epic 1 5,500 Lift most cars
20 + Epic 2 6,500 (about 3 tons) Pick up an SUV or pickup truck
20 + Epic 3 8,500 (about 4 tons) Lift an adult elephant or a full truck
20 + Epic 4 58,000 (nearly 30) Lift a bus
20 + Epic 5 60,000 (30 tons) Rip off and lift a section of a big city subway
20 + Epic 6 About 130 tons Pick up a blue whale and spin it around in the water
20 + Epic 7 About 635 tons Lift an empty oceangoing freighter out of the water.
20 + Epic 8 About 6,260 tons Lift an entire freight train or a loaded iron boat.
20 + Epic 9 About 62,500 tons Uproot or hold up the Brooklyn Bridge.
20 + Epic 10 About 625,000 tons Hold the Empire State Building in one hand and the Sears Tower in the other.

Willpower, Legend, and Fate

  • Things you can Do with Willpower
    • Activate a Virtue
    • Act in opposition to a Virtue
    • Resist mind-influencing powers or Virtues
      • Like Cheval or Illusion.
    • Allowing you pour Legend into dice pool
      • One Willpower will let you add dice from your Legend pool
    • Spectacular deeds:
      • Phenomenal stunts (+5)
      • End of story arc
      • Resting for one day
        • Completely restore all Willpower for resting for four days.
  • Things you can Do with Legend
    • Active Powers.
    • Add Dice to your Roll
      • One Willpower will let you add dice from your Legend pool
  • Regaining Legend
    • Powers
    • Stunts
  • Things you can Do with Fate
    • Alter the world to your advantage.

Player Stuff

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