Places not to lose your Passport In

Dangers of The World

It is sad but the world of the Gods is a dangerous place to live and you don’t want to get caught up in it if possible.


Welcome to last place you will visit… FOREVER! Mostly kidding, but every living thing will end up visiting one of the lands for the dead but its not guaranteed which.

The Underworld is a vast subterranean expanse that exist somewhere between The Mortal plain and The Overworld. Unlike The Overworld, The Underworld is rule by a loose collection of Gods that actually work really well together, for the most part there is some hiccups but what do you except? The Underworld is a vast place, but it is almost too small for the influx of souls that pour in, mind you The Underworld receives all souls from most plains. The Death Gods that rule these lands are rarely evil, and if they are it is almost understandable that they are given the event that made up their lives.

Best advice for when visiting is don’t eat the food, even if its to die for.

Titan Realms

Places not to lose your Passport In

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