These beings are among the most notorious of tricksters. They are as varied as the human race that they torment. The main issue is that these creature are a form of Unlife, they were never really living, they have been mostly banished to the underworld where they serve or plot against the Gods. The difficulty is that it is hard to say which.

Demons or Daemons

Every one of the major religions of today, have their own version of the demon, or daemon. The funny religion started by Aten states that all demons are under the rule of a king or chief such as Asomdai, Haggadah or Samael. Demons are believed to not be acting of their own accord, but rather acting as an extension, if you will, of a divine authority, at least according to other funny ones started by Aten. The Greeks, Romans and other ancient civilizations had tales that told of vile beings who would feed upon the life force of innocent townspeople. Now, whether or not this is a precursor to the nosferatu is up for much debate amongst many the “occult scholars.” If there is any truth in their opium riddled minds, then could the nosferatu be innocent people, victims of demonic possession, or could they be an evolution so to speak of demon possession amongst people, more on that later though…

The Wog has their daevas, or false gods, not to be confused with the Hindu gods known as the Devas. The Orients Sino have demons, which are widely recognized as being yaoguai, fearsome creatures with animal heads and bodies of men. The Japanese Oni is a hideous, gigantic demon capable of great strength and even greater anger but I have already rambled about them enough when talking about Giants.

Demons are among the most powerful foe one can face. Fortunately for one encountering them in the world (and unfortunately for anyone seeking to destroy such a fiend) they are paradoxically at their weakest in our world. They are difficult to recognize, seeing as they are able to take on the appearance of people. Thus, constant vigilance is key when dealing with the demons of the world. Killing a demon can take some work as I have found out. The major task is to separate the demon from the host. This can be accomplished with either killing the host or extracting it with a complex ritual where one chants in a forgotten language. Typically, it’s much easier to kill the host. For all intents and purposes, the host is a mortal being, albiet a more physically imposing one. However, a good old fashioned bullet to the noggin tends to do the job quite well.


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