Betrayal of Thomas S Lye

Betrayal of Thomas S Lye

To start the ballad of Lye’s Betrayal we have to start with the origin story of the band that will be called the “Dusty Band”

The Scions arrive without fanfare in the Port city of Georgetown, French Guiana. The scion are picked up at the Small airport and brought to a hotel, after checking out the room, and stealing the shampoo . A messenger arrives with their invitation to a reading by Madam Mystique. When the band arrives at the medium they are led into a room by an assistant sat around a red covered table in a run down shopping center where an old heavy set woman comes out holding a hat box.

The Medium goes into a detailed talk about how they need to see if they could talk to their friend, Samy Brandi. She starts her “spirit seeking” before the hat in the box pops out and grabs her head. Madame Mystique goes pale, her eyes glassy and dull then in a rasping voice she asked for a cigar, before introducing herself again as Baron Samedi.

Baron Samedi starts talking with the group about the reason they are in Georgetown. There is a tropical storm system growing along African coast, moral meteorologist will suggest it will lose power before it develops into anything more. They are very wrong wrong.

In the Overworld of Ehekatoyaatl, the titanspawn Typhon, has fully escaping Mt Etna, is forcing his way into the world to kill/rule humanity, he is screaming far too much for anyone to make sense of it. The resulting force of his escape from Overworld will create a storm system the likes of which mortals and hair pieces fear. It isn’t a matter of “IF” but when it breaks open and a storm comes barreling through the world like Jupiter’s big ass spot, the planet not Zeus’s spot because that’s just a fuzzy navel.

The gods have a plan though, most are attacking Typhon but they know he will break into the world which is where the scions come in. Most of the Gods have uprooted their scions and moved them to various islands and ports around the Caribbean gulf. The more important places getting more scions, Georgetown isn’t high risk but covering all your bases is important. Also titan forces are doing the same thing to take advantage of this chaos and madness.

The Baron then tells them the scions need to “set up shop,” for the time being and they need to pick either a place that speaks to them or they think they can defend. The Baron gives a few suggestions that could do with a little spring cleaning, The old row, the nice ass boat on the edge of the port, the warehouse at the Airport, and a drug lords mansion.

All of which they take setting themselves up rather nicely in the town. Even making it a safer place to live. They now own a boat, have airport with international confession. The drug supply in the area has dropped to the point of non-existence. Since the Cops in the area were corrupted to keep out other organizations this has made the city a very safe place to live.

Major Zero and Neo-French Imperialism.

Once the band had established themselves. The French Foreign Legion took note. A man going by the name of Zero approached the band about assistance with clearing out the jungles. Zero leads a battalion of the 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment. The 3rd Foreign Infantry Regiment (French: 3e R├ęgiment ├ętranger d’infanterie, 3e REI) is an infantry regiment of the French Foreign Legion. The regiment is stationed in French Guiana, protecting the Centre Spatial Guyanais.

The Guiana Space Centre or, more commonly, Centre spatial guyanais (CSG) is a French and European spaceport near Kourou in French Guiana. Operational since 1968, it is particularly suitable as a location for a spaceport as it fulfills the two major geographical requirements of such a site:

  1. CSG is quite close to the equator, so that the spinning earth can impart some extra velocity to the rockets for free when launched eastward.
  2. CSG has uninhabited territory (in this case, open sea) to the east, so that lower stages of rockets and debris from launch failures cannot fall on human habitations.

The installation was recently attacked by large jungle dwelling people working with . These people are a group of Joten that are causing problems with an order of Dryaids that live in the forest. The Joten have been attacking because they have been rallying to do so.

Betrayal of Thomas S Lye

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