Tag: Retired?


  • Suraja Youngblood

    Suraja is the daughter of a construction worker who met Suraja's mother during a demolition he was conducting. Kali has maintained a sporadic presence in her daughter'slife, and she was a good mother but a terrible partner. During the time when she spent …

  • Arsenio

    Dropped a rocket on a Giant. Trees are his friends. Cleaned up Mexico City. Has a Catholic cult worshiping him as a Saint. Knows everyone Dive and Host club in Japan and Korea.

  • Dr. Miguel Moreno

    Recent events have had Dr. Moreno in a tizzy. He hasn't got to sacrifice anybody, which has really put him in a sour mood, and he keeps getting blown up. Twice so far with close to around 100 pounds of C4 from various cultists. Plus side is he found …