The Immortal Game

Most Wanted

It was the perfect storm of whose water is whose.

If it fits, we ship it, why are you hard to fold, you are an invertebrate.

Under the water! Ya we in luck here! Down in the muck here! Under the sea!

You are writing in Fishpen.

Best part about a tea party under water is you never have to refill your cup.

Come on, its tea like. Things to steep in the hudson.

New York has lost its luster.

This is my character talking. Because I would never say something that stupid.

Oh hell no, I jump into the hudson.

We are like if the JSA hated each other.


You just punched the City’s hero in the face on national television, while he shot a beloved media icon.

Did you use Chaos again? DID YOU USE YOUR CHAOS AGAIN!

I just keep swimming.

Last two sessions? Meh...

Its all the fun of getting beaten severely without having to pay someone.

What have you been failing? Life?

I have perfect memory. I can check with the GM if I don’t.

Which Nemisis, I need to keep the list up to date.

Where the hell did he get a spot light in New York? Its New York.

I can do drunk Donny’s adventures all night.

It not my fault, intentionally.

I order pizza for the president.

We live in New Mexico don’t look at me.

Best laid plan of Mice and Scion
Yes, I botched...

I mean how much does a guy have to stroke it before he gets it to come?

Hey, I know how to drive… The truck taught me how.

“Hey, to be fair my character didn’t finish High School.” “Neither did his, and he still has four levels of EPIC Intelligence.”

Maybe you could read him.

I take my ice cream.

“Hey you’re a pretty lady…” “I just leave at this point.”

So… Does he need you to sneak in and then call the secretary?

Are you asking this out of character?

“-2 Dice penalty” “Why?” “You were in Sara’s Hot box.” “Fair enough.”

Does the cloud of smoke help me find it?

Have you tried talking to it yet?

It was more of the look of “I should have seen that coming, why didn’t I?”

Oh fuck it, it was a rental anyway.

LIS Long Range Recording Transcript

Subject: Barfly on the back porch stairs, smoking some type of large roll of plants; all agents to far away to smell, (reminder to bring dogs next time, the non-telepathic kind.)

Toni, I don’t know if you hear these any more, or if you just ignore them but… I miss you. I miss everyone, but you know… Fuck.

So about a moon ago, I met this guy, not like that so don’t worry. The guy was a professor, creepy and creepy crazy to boot. He had this theory about Atlantis and how it all ties into Lovecraft, everything up here does, and how he knew where it was maybe. I thought it was silly, so I did that thing, you know that thing where I look. I saw something. Kind of shadows, it was foggy like someone had used turpentine on a painting but forgot to bleach the canvas. I don’t know what so I went to Olympus…

You should have seen everyone’s face, Sara what are you doing here. I almost laughed in their faces. I talked to my dad about what I saw. My dad didn’t know but he knew Thoth would know, so we look it up in that big book, and guess what, Atlantis doesn’t exist. Not like it is a rumor and nothing more, not in it’s only a story. There is nothing about Atlantis, not even mentions of it in the book of everything. Some gods didn’t even understand what I was asking about. Hell even that crazy cat lady thought we were crazy when we told her the story mortals tell. The only explanation is someone must have deleted the knowledge from the very gods. Only they did their work too well…

Remember how I said I missed everyone, I thought I would find something new. So I hatched a plan, use some newbie Scions, how do we find the time right? With them I could find Atlantis without anyone ever knowing I was looking for it, but they are just like us. Explosion and insanity, good times, but we kind of killed the professor and the kids don’t understand the problem picking a fight with the Titans will bring…

I miss you… I know… I know I what I said but I was angry, and I liked Jack so… Listen if we ever meet again, let’s talk, like really talk.

If you see Kate, tell her I miss her too.

:: Door opening ::

New Voice: Hey, Sara those people are back.

Sara: Yea, okay… Let me put this out.

:: Barfly inhales from the roll of plants, stubs out the flame, exhales and enters the location. ::

Scion: Architeuthisphilla and Rabbit Lovers

Zeus invented rape culture.

Well I couldn’t fix the boat, I couldn’t convince the dwarves and I couldn’t hit the Kraken. You only have yourself to blame.

“You feel your heart go a flutter.” “Because it’s being eaten by Maggots?” “Maggots of love!”

That is the one reason I didn’t take magic, it does things like that.

Hey I have cobra reflexes and trick shot! (Fails a fate roll and still doesn’t get it’s a bad thing.)

In hindsight, we shouldn’t have been surprised by it being a rabbit.

You are now Frank the Br’r Rabbit, Doomsday rabbit.

I keep trying to get cool shit and everyone else is getting it.

Wait, did we leave the oven on?

You left him in the trunk, where he soiled himself!

The waffles are in my future damn it.

You left it at the professor’s house, in the ghillie suit.

He must be trust worthy he sounds like you and looks like a green Wookie, what could go wrong.

“You can just put that on the insurance claim!” “What’s Insurance?”

Opening Pawn Gambit
Run Rabbit, Run.

Some would argue that the worse part of any game is the opening move. Your opponent, even if they are an old one, never starts the same way twice. If you are going first, they make their first move with more knowledge than you had when you moved. Such is the way with opening gambits.
Sara has made the opening move. The young goddess is new to the game. However, can she truly play the game when she rejects it?
Three Scions move forward from the safety of their ranks , will they make it to the end of the board? Or will they, like so many more, perish? Sacrifice and Heroism are inescapable themes for a young Scion. It is the cost of Immortality after all. The scions are young soldiers faithful not yet perview to the cost of the god’s game.
Young Delmar is a Scion of Raijin. A death dealer skilled in his craft of professional murder. Izanami chuckles at his grim and serious work. Though his heritage hidden by a southern sun and its strange formalities his professional seems to be unquestioning.
Ayman is an archer with a silent resolve quite. Aloof and distance time will tell what makes this scion the way he is.
Finally Durjaya Vanishika. Champion of national circuit for Mix Martial Arts. A quite fighter, new to the world of myth will he learn its secrets before his destruction.

Lone Quack Ducks

Professor Qa’zar, not his real name but funny story, has found THE LONG LOST CITY ALANANTIS! AGAIN!

Okay so maybe the first four hundred times turned out to be a whale orgy but this TIME HE HAS TO BE RIGHT! Well tenure at the university of Rhode Island is up and he needs this not only for his name to ring gloriously out across the world of Academic, also because well he needs the money. He owes a loan shark For debts, his rabbit racing fees are up

Unfortunate no one is going to give him anything, first 250 times shame on me, fool me 150 times more Same on you. Luckily he bumped into the wrong person at a sorority party. The wandering goddess of the Maenads, Keeper of the addict last words and bearer of the silent pain that leads to addiction and self-destruction, Sarah.

See Atlantis is a myth, its made up, like the Gods. It never existed but you ask a Mystery God they look at you funny then start talking about something else. Most of the time other gods just move on there is no proof and records of the time that it was supposed to exist are kind of blank about it. Which is weird. Thoth likely the most anal about keeping records or making really dry epic entries has nothing. Absolutely nothing on Atlantis not even that mortal starting talking about it. Which given Thoth’s big book that contains life, the universe and all manner of things that could be the question that is the answer 42, rather strange.

Sarah thinks it’s strange, it might be nothing, or it could be something else. The gods are losing the war and everyone is too noble to admit it. One of the reason Sarah isn’t fighting the war instead she spends her time on the mortal plane to ease the pain of those that can’t be saved because either the gods are neglected morals or they are collaterals in war they will never know.

Sarah is lonely too. Her Friends are either dead, missing or fighting the war in their own terms. Evander’s hill is a death mound to any would be king. Yuri chases shadows for his missing sister. Kate vanished into the night hunting something, and no one knows if she is still alive. Walla Walla never made it to the land of gods so his fate is unknown. Clay Dent is lost in time. Only recently has it become known that Lucas was murdered when Korea has united.

So an adventure quest sounds like a good idea. Only she can’t leave her duties, too many to help and too little time help them. Instead she decides she could organize the quest.

So when Sarah showed at the gate of Olympus her Pappi welcomes her and listens and then helps. Together they piece together the missing pieces of the puzzles get other gods involved and soon everyone is wondering why Atlantis is a rumor and a punch line for mortals but not for the gods. Many of the gods think it’s the secret piece of the Titans’ war machines others believe it is, others it is a secret weapon they built and swore to forget about till the terrible day they used, other that it is a myth and other that the gods together destroyed it so completely for some reason so they would never have to talk about it ever again. Whatever the case the Gods need to find Atlantis.

They need to do so quietly, so the titan forces don’t notice, the best option for that is a group of Scions just awakened and ready to be played in the great game. After all the pieces that move are the only pieces worth anything.

Some times life happens
Not really an Update

Let’s talk politics for a second. Don’t worry we aren’t talking about the politics of the country but more accurately the politics of a small group.

I have run this gaming group for roughly six years. It has been both a blessing and a curse. To be honest I love it. In part the group helped me realize how much I don’t want to be an engineer. It also helped me realize how much I love telling stories. Tabletops are an interactive storytelling event, if you’re all close friends the story become very deep and personal. It became just as much hanging out with your friends as it becomes a more interactive video game.

In a tabletop there is no division between Player and Character, they are ultimately one and the same. In the game system of Scion this is very liberating. However, this is a huge liability in some situations.

As I said in a good group this isn’t an issue. In a bad group well… We have had only two people that have been fundamentally bad players. In the first case, it was mostly a difference in viewpoints that everyone sort of ended up making worse. In retrospect we could have fixed the problems and moved on together but at the time all of us were too young or simple too set in what we wanted. Maybe it was for the best as respect didn’t seem to go both ways at the table.

In the last case it was mostly a toxic presents. The person wasn’t bad he was just, well he shifted the tone. He had a very set idea on what he wanted to do, be damn what others wanted, other players or myself. Most of the time it was subtle, he would do something that had a general connection to what was going on. The game would shift through just a little bit. Other times he would sledgehammer his way to what he wanted. Forcing the group to his idea of what we should be doing, but thanks to that subtle shift it didn’t feel out of place. It’s hard to fully explain because I can see where it happen in the what and when but I just don’t know the how and why.

It happened relatively recently so maybe I can’t fully analyze it without feeling what I felt at the time. That said I have two conflicting points about this player. The firstly I wanted to play. I wanted to play scion it was stress release, for a few hours I was essentially a god so there is the power trip. The second is a lack of desire to play. This confliction crept on me slowly always making me feel a little off. I should have picked up on something being wrong when he got upset for the jokes we made at his expense. Our group has always shown affection through drunken confessions and insults. So it was definitely warning flag I should have dealt with.

But as I said I wanted to play, and no one else really spoke up, so I couldn’t really give up playing simply because I felt a little off. We played through three campaigns together, the first one was decent. The second one had moments, but really started to drag, and finally the third one.

I was feeling so burnt out. College that semester was lots of heavy writing that I am slowly getting back into. It was also this contradiction. My campaigns have always been half-planned, half-seat of my pants. With every game I was planning less and less. My desire to not play was growing with every session. I felt burned out, which is weird, normally I would have been jazzed. I was writing, tons of ideas, just floating in and out of me but I didn’t want to use them.

I should have realized what was going on. I gave this bad player a lot of Heavy stuff, choices and decision but it didn’t change shit for him. He kept doing his weird subtle sledgehammer thing.

I wasn’t alone in this. We lost a player due to his out of game antics with a girl he was dating and just how shitty he was to her, the girl was a player but left after his actions following their break up. I remember being extremely insulted by his remark, she was my guest in my house, but I didn’t want to interject in as it was mostly a personal. One of my closest friends explained that most of his absences during this time was because he didn’t want to spend time with this other player. Two of this player’s friends who were in the group when he wasn’t around were really more active and were had more fun to play with but if he was at the table they were more drawn away from the game and less active. I think a couple of the insistences of weird behavior by everyone was because of his presence.

Which is the roundabout way to my point; a group is only as strong as the members’ relationships. A toxic presence kills the group slowly. I am bringing this because this is the summary from the third play through. I have never had to motivation to finish, but the group has recently restarted we talked about some of the problems the last game had but I never realized how much it affect me personally till I sat here staring at what is essentially my work. Work I didn’t want to do. I made the best of it at the time but it still broke something in me and I have just started to get out of that funk. You can see there is no order in the work it essentially drifts from event to event that because I didn’t want to make a story and I just didn’t want to sit through it and watch it change into something else.

I can’t be bothered to finish this at the moment maybe in a year but at the moment I will end it here, close this chapter and come back at another date.

Read on if you want… I am not proud of it.

Thomas S. Lye, a scion of Thor has betrayed the Gods and now our Band must hunt him down! After our band manages to escape the tiger pit that was Mexico City leaves its foundation shaken and her people rejoicing; although they will likely do that after have picked up all the glass and cleared away the rubble, the band seeks to end Thomas for a greater reason than his simple betrayal.

Our band leaves Mexico under the cover of fire and darkness, setting sail for North Korea. Though the escalation of many problems begins to happen, The boat was launched without supplies, good food is abundant to the weakest of Scions with heart and courage, but the most vital provision is missing; the all mighty booze. Landing in Hawaii they stock up and head out.

Arsenio proceeds to spend the entire cruise drunk. Whether he is drinking to forget or drinking to remember is anyone’s guess. Clive fishes and become Arsenio’s drinking buddy the two bond over the stories of trying to kill each other. Their clash in Mexico is almost legendary. Rocky trains sharks and get a Megalodon shark to become loyal to him. Kiara is asleep most of the ride. Yu spends his time teaching the polar bears economics and how to steal things. The polar bear gang latter becomes one of most dread pirate gangs in the Pacific.

Then bored and drunk, and mostly unsupervised, Rocky creates the dreaded Blood Fruit! After tricking Clive into making a dessert out of it, and everyone partakes. The Blood fruit robes our scions of their mental capacity and they become crazy.

After somehow managing to get the boat to the North Pole the band realized what has happened and locks Rocky in a chest they freeze solid in an attempt to prevent him from going crazy any more.

The band arrives in the Sea of Japan where they are confronted by a giant sea dragon. The dragon has had one side of his mustache cut off and Thomas S. Lye told the dragon that it was the band. The band in a strange moment of discipline negotiates with the dragon before Rocky is eaten, and the dragon smashes their boat.

With the boat smashed; the band is split into separate parties they end up spread out, Rocky washes up in Russia, Arsenio rolls in Japan, Clive and Kiara find themselves in South Korea, and Yu lands in North Korea.

Our Scions soon learn, that despite being stuck in a time bubble, North Korea is a DMZ between the Shen and the Amatsukami. The two pantheons have been stuck in a cold active war of sorts. As such both have created a field that denies ichor from activating making Godlike things Mortal. The only way to use the power inside of the field is to destroy the relic creating the field or to gain sponsorship.

Rocky after getting into a fight with Russian Guardsmen meets his Uncle Vidar who sends him into North Korea to look for a woman named Kim affectionately called the She-wolf by the North Korean Army, who she is vivisecting. Rocky discovers the DMZ when his powers don’t work in North Korea, he reluctantly plows on ahead. He meets an enigmatic scion called Ishmael, they never introduce each other, yet they travel North Korea together. Rocky learns from his new friend that Thomas is in North Korea. Rocky fascinates on an idea and together they hatch a plan to lure out Kim who is soft spoken and completely unsympathetic to North Korea. After meeting all three form a plan that has them being captured so they can take out Central Command from the Inside. Only it will take Ishmael several days to set everything up. Without his powers Rocky is at the mercy of North Korea’s Interrogators.

Thomas S. Lye visited Rocky while he is captured the two trade banter but nothing comes of it, Thomas left his brother to be tortured. Kim comes back at the end of the week and feeds Rocky, leaving him wondering two things; how much longer, and why didn’t Vidar warn him?

Clive climbs out of the ocean and finds a tailor, he purchases a suit for him and his polar bear. He has to keep his head down as he starts looking for a way north, he contacts his mother who tells him to get a sponsor so he can enter North Korea and not be powerless. He remembers an old friend Yuri a young god in the Amatsukami and sees if he can get a sponsor from Susano-o. Though Yuri isn’t in a generous mood to help.

Yuri just wants just a few things before he can help, Dragon Beard Hair, a fully functional Yamato class battleship, written permission from the Empire of Japan to use the Yamato, help from Hedion, help from a scion called Lucas, 300,000 tons of Twinkies and the Complete Conquest of North Korea, Clive can work on the last one after being sponsored. A simple task for a God, but Clive is not a god… Clive starts by thinking maybe he can pick up the dragon’s trail from the wreckage of the yacht.

Yu washes up on a beach, once again forgetting what is going on. A security team finds him and Yu asked to be taken to the magic show. He is detained by North Korea security forces until he is freed by his father who explains he was travelling with a group of Scion who were doing something, and maybe he should look for them to figure out how he got “Shanghaied.” Yu travels to South Korea, discovers a report of the boat’s destruction and thinking it is related makes haste

Arsenio begins to look for the other members of his band. He believes that he can find them by checking every bar, dive, and hostess club from Odate to Fukuoka his tree and giant jaguar close behind him. After meeting half the population of Japan, he catches a slow boat across the Sea of China and enters South Korea. He begins moving on to every bar, dive, and Hostess club in Korea from Jeollanam-do to P’yongyang. He finds Clive soon enough only to lose him when he goes to settle his tab. After spending more days at the bar, the Sapling, Hedion and several Spartans stage an intervention to get Arsenio back into the hero game. Arsenio doesn’t seem to care…

Kiara gets arrested when she makes landfall at a military and is confused when she is asked if she is a spy/assassin by a woman named Soo. She incites that Scion of her Mother and Grandmother only serves to bring one thing, the elimination of Secrets. Soo lets them go, telling her to get out of North Korea. She and Hedion shrug at the exchange then they move off to find Clive, who is trying to figure out his list. After both meet up with Arsenio and Clive, Kiara then leaves the party to check into a few things.

So enter Suraja, is a scion of Kali, who was sent to South Korea guard a scion of Ganesha who is working on the latest Nuclear power reactor for South Korea, once boredom sets in she is causing a major disruption in the positive forces inside the lab, and told to look into a strange wreck by her charge. Not having much better on her plate she sets out to find the wreck as Clive and Yu both make haste to it as well. Our Scions arrive around the same time and introduction go about as smoothly as most things go with this band… They wreck their boat after trying to hurl over the thing over Japan, where they have to turn it into a giant rabbit before it explodes red pulp mess with quiet “meep.”

Realizing they could get the Emperor’s permission they head to the Imperial palace in Kyoto where they murder the Emperor in kink custom wear. To be fair it was an accidental murder. One resurrects later, the Emperor signs the documents need for permission. The band heads off the Yamato’s final resting grounds.

Once there Yu stretched out and falls asleep in the car, Arsenio and Suraja suit up to dive. Clive goes down to the bottom of the sea, where he meets an Old Sea Turtle God. Said Turtle isn’t interested in leaving his home. Clive tries to bring him a new home a tanker filled with an experimental fish food that was going to be used on the Salmon Schools of North America, it was designed to make them stronger and tougher than normal fish, it also scares off natural predators due to its terrible smell. Naturally the Turtle won’t live in anything so stinky, Clive then tries to brute force the issue, but the turtle is strong in the way of the water.

While Clive flounders against the turtle, Suraja summons a ghost and learns about the turtle and the dreaded Nommo, a fish monster that lives in the other half of the Yamato only hunt at night during a full moon. Where they murder on weary sailor dragging them deep down under water to feed on their still drowning bodies.

Clive, not having any luck drops the band off at the bar Arsenio is drinking at, before going to seek out Lucas. Clive finds Lucas has been deployed to a nearby British carrier, Clive learns that Sea Turtle Gods are most cranky but fun loving things, Clive realizes his mistake. Clive also learns that he will need a time machine or something else to get Twinkies as the rights to the receipt are currently in the air. The reason Twinkies are needed are because when they are fresh they can be used in an ancient ritual that allows them to create a magical bond that fixes and bonds things together in a seamless bond, hence why they are needed to fix the Yamoto.

Clive heads back to the Turtle and begins to get him drunk. The Turtle however has a constitution and a bladder the strength and size of the ocean. Clive hatches a plan to use the Blood Fruit as a means to get the Turtle out of the ship. Clive learns things he will never speak about to anyone about the Blood Fruit but he makes a wine from the fruit and fills the Turtle’s cup, the turtles trip might have been enlightened or it might have been crazy talk either way one half of the ship raised.

The second half of the ship lies not far from the first half and it too was filled with a swarm of Nomos (Nomi?) And one who wields a powerful energy weapon. Clive and Yu manage to fight the Nomo off raising the ship from the bottom of the sea. Though the ship half was partially damaged. Clive creates a massive glacier island to keep everything safe and sound.
The Duo acting on a tip flies off to a remote tropical island. An island of lush forgotten beauty is actually a tropical resort for the fancy rich and drunk. Here they meet the drunken totally not a Russian Texan from Albuquerque Gregory. Gregory had a vodka bottle that never ran out, but he lost in a high stakes children’s card game against an evil penguin overlord. The penguin himself won’t give the relic back without getting something in return. He wants rights to the Twinkies.
Which brings our pair to their next step; they catch a flight to New York City and the Law office of Saxon and Schmidt. Saxon is handling the case of the late Mister Kebler and the legal claim of Four men who claim to be his illegitimate sons. While their genealogy isn’t in question which of the four is actually the eldest son is disputed. Time and Space inside the non-linear Fae realm doesn’t translate verbatim to the linear world of man. Realizing that they are screwed legally, they arrange for their lawyer to fly down from South Korea and take a hand at the issue.

Thus Oslo begins cracking the case, discovering a true legal son who still lives. As the legal son it doesn’t matter which bastard son is the oldest, as the legal son has first right. This legal son is currently living as Kim Jong-un II in North Korea. Clive is hesitant to take part in recruiting the son as North Korea is currently protected by an Anti-theoanthon field. Yu enters an Axis Mundi and enjoys the hospitality of Shen’s Beaurarchy for three months. While Clive spends his time visiting Shinto shrines trying to get partial Sponsorship for North Korea. Yet no one from the Amatsukami seems to be able to respond to his hails.

There is a reason for the silence. After Clive dropped everyone off and went to look for Lucas, Arsenio and Suraja form a plan to enter North Korea and simply take advantage of the Anti-theoanthon field. Also they believe that Rocky is located there and he might get in trouble, his absence from the group while refreshing is troublesome. Together the two of them bribe Chinese officials and swear that they are nothing more than happily married couple wishing to see the world. They place bribes, vault their possessions and enter North Korea powerless, weaponless. After spending a day on the guided tour and discovering the height of North Korean cuisine which is cardboard, and thicker cardboard. They decide they have had enough. In the middle of the night they scale down the side of their hotel to escape. The plan does not go swimming, resulting in them getting chased by the Glorious People’s Army of Korea. They managed to escape and ambush a convoy of soldiers. Together they take the uniforms and weapons for themselves and hatch a plan to find Rocky.

Arsenio testing a theory realizes that his dragon teeth are still functional. He grows a small force, and due to the power of the teeth they are fully capable of speaking and reading Korean. Searching the body reveal the location of a stronghold. Arsenio leads his troops in a surprise attack that the North Korean’s were not expecting. The assault goes well; Arsenio’s troops take and hold the compound, before freeing Rocky from his prison as he was being tortured to death. Freed, psychologically damaged, Rocky assaults the remaining forces and discovers an impenetrable red door.

Finding his way inside Rocky finds his old friend Ishmael waiting for him. He needs a second person to turn the key. Rocky mildly confused turns the key. The stronghold was the central command for all of North Korea’s Nuclear Weapon. Every Rocket and ICBM in the small dictatorship launches, travelling into the stratosphere. Before anyone can rationalize a logical response to the warheads, they detonate. Leaving most of Asia in the dark, as a cloud of radiation and death falls on Korea. China’s Capital goes dark throwing the entire nation in chaos. Japan suffers from a massive blackout, while they are prepared many will die as a result.

In her bunker, Soo Minamoto, Supreme Commander of South Korean DMZ, a scion of the Amatsukami smiles as the lights go out before the EMP shielded generators kick in. She rises slowly and orders the total mobilization of all South Korean military forces. Her orders? “Search and Destroy, today we end this war.”

Son Jong-un, a North Korean Agent working on his own peaceful plan of unification watches in horror as all his work is destroyed as 13 small suns rise and set in the heavens above his home.
Meanwhile in a field Kim So-Yeon places yellow wildflowers on the graves of her younger sisters, smiling for the first time in years as she knows the North Korea was being punished.

Rocky has but a moment to grasp the full horror he has done before he turns to his friend Ishmell and tries to attack him. Ishmell renders Rocky unconscious before he apologies. He pulls out a phone and orders his own forces to start attacking. A secret army mobilizes and begins to attack both the southern and the northern forces.

Arsenio and Suraja find Rocky and having stood in the glow of the new suns understand better than Rocky what just happened. Arsenio sees this is a moment to attack he gathers up his forces and leads them across North Korea to attack the The International Friendship Exhibition. Rocky hops in a hole and digs out never to be heard from for a while.

Meanwhile Jericho, a big game hunting scion of Apollo was enjoying the inflight movie, before the plane’s power blinks out and he left sitting in the middle of falling plane. Quick thinking Jericho runs into the cabin of the plan grabs the controls, forces the thing to at least slide across the ground rather than just flat out crash. He manages to save the crew and passengers from their pancake fates. However he doesn’t know where he is, and he suddenly realized that he can’t use his godly powers.

Before he can fully digest that horrible fact he meets the convey of Arsenio and his Spartans the two Greek demigods bond in the only appropriate manner before agreeing to help each other out. They find the international Friendship museum guarded by a massive giant.

The battle is a crushing one, mostly with Arsenico’s Spartans receiving a crash course in pancake making. Arsenio finally saves the day when crushed under a rock, where his full power returns throwing the rock back to his full strength crushing the Giant in a liquid paste.

Mexican Stand Off
Whoever fires first looses...

Thomas S. Lye, a scion of Thor has betrayed the Gods in the worst way possible. He freed one of the strongest titans from his ancient prison. Worst, he managed to do it without anyone noticing until it’s too late. Now this Scion has been found out and he is missing with who or what knows else with him and he is likely setting up his next move.

Thor, ashamed and angry, has traded the single favor that Zeus gained through bargain, grovel, and deal cutting for, from Aesir for the Norse Gods’ aid against Typhon in return to have his son dealt with. Zeus has his own Scion, Arsenio, readily available at the time agrees, which allows him to clear the favor that came at a terrible cost for very little pain on his part or care if his son survives the mission.

Odin pissed beyond belief of losing such a resource for Ragnarok sends his own son to intercept the hit team to act as a spy and solve the issue in a way that allows him to come out ahead despite his other son’s blundering, however the Odinson seems to have his own motive. The band meets the scion but he disappears soon after the first battle the group has together, reappearing later revealing he knew Thomas. The Baron loves a good story of revenge and thinking it will be good for his son, gives Leon a weapon, impractical but awesome and smiles his tooth skull smile as he waves the boat off. Brigid seems almost unaware of the new adventure her son, Clive, now finds himself in, wondering absently what Manannan Mac Lir is actually up to with sending one of the few scions they have on a goose chase. Bast sends a scion of Sekhmet, Kiara to act as a tracker and scout for the group as better as it will she can do for them, but does the cat have another reason? Doctor Nukes came along as well, the Demigod of the feathered serpent, and since when has an Aztec God ever refused blood?

Thomas S. Lye knows someone is coming for him, and has taken steps to stop his would be attackers. First attack at night by undead giant bat wrestlers, their strange attack ended just as it began loudly and suddenly. Then in Veracruz the group runs afoul of Werejaguars resulting in a dark ritual that nearly claims the life of one of the band, Leon the baron’s son, who in a moment of madness willing lets himself become a sacrifice. A giant Olmec Colossus was then made stronger by the sacrifice. A long and difficult battled followed, as our Scions traded blows with the massive stone creature, but they were ultimately victorious but at a terrible cost.

Clive’s friend and pet; Oslo the polar bear, was critically wounded in the battle. Though Doctor Nukes would claim it was worth it. Oslo’s own flamethrower was destroyed, it was also the means by which he received his wounds and destroyed the colossus. The band raced to Mexico City for a means to save him. After contacting Brigid, she told Clive that Oslo’s fated only lies in the heart of a being of Ichor. Kept safely in an ice truck Oslo has only moments to live they will need to act fast. Luckily the band managed to find a heart of dead Scion named Alenko and Oslo the Polar Bear in now back in action minus a flamethrower.

Finding proof that Thomas S. Lye is still in Mexico they hatch a plan to grab him from his hotel room and end this stupid quest. Only when the door is kicked down, they discover a trap, a man tied up and hanging from the ceiling. The man is gagged and surrounded by several hundred pounds of plastic explosives. The explosion that followed marked the beginning of a theme for the band in Mexico City.

Out of the wreckage that followed, our band began to piece a together a picture of Thomas S. Lye who upon having arrived in Mexico, making a power play to build up CNGJ amassing their power and giving them control of Mexico’s drug trade. Thomas then used the dark energies of ritual sacrifice where he killed one of his band mates and freed Typhon with the dark energy. All while through another Scion in his band; Alenko, Thomas learned of a mysterious device called The Box, which Thomas might have become obsessed with. He left a map with his allies in the CNGJ as he left Mexico. The CNGJ have refused to hand over the map.

The CNGJ is strong, and its leader, Caesar Vega, stronger still. The fight with the cartel nearly leaves two of the strongest heroes dead and sapped the strength of another, while the CNGJ looked like they could keep going and their fortress was nearly impenetrable.

With the only clue to the current location of Thomas S. Lye, the band hatches plans to gather strength and resource to assault the massive fortress of the CNGJ and find the map.

The plan is simple, on paper anyway, first Clive will start his own rival cartel, Arsenio will play peacemaker and Leon will become the federal Government as he needs. However the plan hit a snag almost immediately, when Clive unwillingly gets framed for the murder of a police officer and a government informer by a mysterious assassin at a secret.

Arsenio learns he needs to be in power to receive aid from friendly-ish Chinese Syndicate. Leon manages his resources well until, having too much fun, sets up Arsenio as a prostitute, who is arrested shortly after returning to Mexico City. Arsenio upset thinks of a way to get even, deciding he will run for Police Commissioner. He launches a rousing speech to invest the Mexico City Voters, but he doesn’t look to have a chance against the current police chief that is until events change for the better maybe.

Clive having decided if he can’t make his own he will take over another. Arriving at the meeting point for the New Zeta, he and Kiara prove their worth and are escorted onto a massive Airship. After watching introduction movies, Clive tries to see the boss and gets tazed, the results are nothing short of spectacular, the airship is turned into a flaming comet as Clive unleashes lighting from deep inside his body. The flaming wreck slams into the hotel which was already crippled by C4 trap earlier. This time, however, instead of just destroying the hotel and the buildings nearby; the force from the massive flaming wreck levels several blocks of downtown Mexico City. The leader of the New Zetas is a young and wild Scion is easily convinced to join Clive’s small Cartel.

Kiara had almost been forgotten about, claws her way out of the wreckage in a terrible rage. Seeing only a red mist of bloodlust, she tears into the recently arrived police and emergency crews. Before she can decimate Mexico City with her bare hands, Clive arrives, spiriting them both away and tries to calm her only to throw a car at her by mistake, raising her ire considerably the fight escalates till Clive thinking water will calm the raging beast freezes Kiara in a lake. Rage and strength cause Kiara to throw a chunk of the frozen lake at Clive, who knocks it aside, sending it flying straight into the government section of Mexico City. Arsenio’s rival in the commissioner election is about to give his speech before the massive Ice Ball crushes him and most of his political allies.

This sets the stage for Arsenio’s Election; this is met with little fanfare. After the victory party, a week long one, the Mayor gives Arsenio his first assignment, stating the campaign backers want this solved; capture or kill “The Dusty Kid.” An elusive old west legend who seems to have survived for the last eighty years. The Mexican government believes this person to be Clive after the events at the safe house. Also because one person can’t live for 80 years and Kiara feats of strength are easier to explain as explosives from a talent apprentice of the current Dusty Kid than the epic truth they are. Arsenio though can’t find the humor in the events that now has him facing down his friend. Worse is the fact that Arsenio is essentially working for the backers.

Clive unaware of any of these events that are moving to crush him plows on to create his own cartel, not having any luck. He moves to get some cash and guns for recruiting purposes; as it’s hard to fight an army when you don’t have one. Remember the yacht they own is filled with both he goes back to Veracruz only to discover Oslo while running a gang of escaped Zoo polar bear had sunk the damn thing. Fortunately Clive finds an old chest of Spanish Golden Doubloons.

Leon meets with the mysterious backer, Senior Vega, after learning the hard truth about who controls the government of the Mexico. Leon might have played his hand though; as leader of the CNGJ kills the Representative Leon had been inhabited. Leon escapes alive, but wounded but the CNGJ don’t seem too concerned.

Clive arrives back in town and sets up to sell the Doubloons on Craigslist; five hundred years old gold, a national relic, that are old Spanish coins on sale via Craigslist. Luckily he finds a buyer. The buyer wants to meet at a construction site, something doesn’t add up Clive makes more arrangements and sets up a meeting somewhere else.

His sale attempt doesn’t go unnoticed. The American Government flags the conversation, and the Federal Government mobiles. Leon hitches a ride in a street officer and with the first breaching team. Arsenio mans the control center. As the military and police the siege the building Clive is in.

The fight starts with death and destruction as Leon cripples the Police Breach and distracts the military for Clive and Kiara to get ready to fight. After they are ready the Bloodshed and carnage truly begins. Kiara forces the military to retreat nearly three times before the ground begins to rumble, and she hides in the wreck she has made of the building. Clive charges into the fray bringing flaming death as he surges forward, while Leon follows reaps death and misfortune across the Battlefield as he rides from one mule to another. The bodies begin to grow as three demigods tear into the mortal foes who try to hold their ground.

Arsenio sees what the devastation his band reaps on mortals as his radio in his hand fills with the screaming death throes of men and woman who swore to do what he once told himself he would do. Vengeance fills him and with it he pleads to bring the full force of his Valor down against his band mates. Before he can, the backers want a shot at the “Dusty Kid.”

Big Hal; a man appears the group dressed in a pinstripe suit brandishing an M1928 Thompson. An archangel dress for leaving the vault watches the battle aloof and Arsenio now Virtue Raging, all try their hand at taking down Clive, but the outbacker stand like a stone to the waves of the fierce ocean. Kiara aids the relentless assault by striking from the dark.

The military is not yet defeated either as it sends a tank to finish the job. However, Arsenio uses the tank to create a massive one-two punch. Which sends metal fragments scattered over a massive area leaving a crater and nearly flattening?

Big Hal is wounded but escapes, not unscathed. Arsenio is struck down, but minutes before the killing blow a team of his officer’s swoop in and save him from destruction. The Archangel is quickly dispatched by the combined strength of Kiara and Clive.

Meanwhile Leon’s Jaguar Voodoo Priest is attacked, threatening the scion’s life due to the life bond the two share. Rushing to aid him, Leon finds the Odinson trying to kill the Priest. Leon realizes he is in over his head and spirits away the priest before rescuing his Jaguar and leaving the band and Mexico possibly forever.

The leader of the New Zeta leader is cornered by Arsenio’s men with orders to use lethal force, and the man goes down. Making the night not a complete failure

As Leon is leaving, Rocky another Scion of Thor arrives looking for his brother; Thomas S. Lye, he meets with the Odinson scion before it is revealed that the Odinson was continuing the Cartel War to fill Valhalla’s Hall. He directs his nephew to Arsenic after they can’t reach .

Arsenic freshly recovered after a rest in the hospital leaves the hospital to get back to work. The mayor informs him that the US military in mobilizing to deal with the chaotic problems that threatens Mexico and by extension the USA. Realizing he must work fast and the fact that he still needs power to take on CNGJ, Arsenio uses the bag of Dragonteeth to make a massive new police force for Mexico City; bring much needed reinforcing to MCPD with the magic of the Greek gods. Before he has a chance to finish his paperwork; the leader of the Chinese Syndic arrives stating the situation is too difficult to give aid. However before the enigmatic Chinese man gives Arsenio a card because he likes the way Arsenio approaches a problem.

Arsenio and Rocky meet and they catch each other up. Rocky hatches a plan, Rocky gets together a posse to ambush the Leader the CNGJ but he quickly proves too strong for a one on one battle, Rocky’s Courage prevents him from running away. So he fights what could be his last stand.

Meanwhile Doctor Nukes have awakened inside the rubble of the explosion from the C4 trap that nearly killed the other members of the band. The good Doctor wasn’t so lucky; his father however used some of the blood spilled in the event to revive the Doctor. Quetzalcoatl tasks his son, the doctor, to stop his band from ending the cartel war, and ending the blood that flows out of Mexico. Heavy hearted the good doctor sets off to find a way to get what they need and then leave the country without leaving a footprint through that might be too late. He leaves Mexico City in search of the CNGJ’s weapons dealer and maybe a plan to sneak in. Before he can do anything he crashes due to a snake attack inside his car. He wakes briefly as he is dragged away. The good doctor is told to make a bomb that will drive the population of Mexico City mad. The Aztec Gods must have blood flowing.

Kiara learns of his plan and seeks out Arsenio to help. She brings Clive, who she has knocked out, and drags the “Dusty Kid” to the Police commissioner as a way to get a pardon and deputized. Free and clear she is the toast of the town for a few minutes as Arsenio capitalizes on this victory for the “police force.” Kiara excuses herself and tracks the Doctor to a remote building in the wreckage of downtown. Half-mad with how he needs to donate his madness bomb to win the war. Kiara is having none of it though, and devours his heart. Advancing the Pesedjet’s ideals and saving Mexico City.

After talking with Hedion, Kiara and Arsenio form a plan to attack the fortress of the CNGJ with the bomb. The bomb turns the compound into a small 10 acres of hell as the CNGJ forces go insane and rip each other apart. Kiara and Arsenio slip in and find a ceremonial chamber that holds the map and a strange statue. Arsenio breaks the statue and shrugs it off before grabbing the map and going back to Hedion to decode the damned thing.

Rocky kills the CNGJ leader and is confused by the suddenness of the death before his Courage reminds him that he might not be dead so he turns the bloody smear into sand and eats it.

Clive awakens shortly thereafter to discover a cell and wrapped in the chains that bind ichor. His mother arrives shortly after and provides him with another flamethrower. After discussing the future and the past she has Clive get his a polar bear and his polar bear’s gang to bust them out.

Rocky gets himself arrested and dragged to jail where he meets Clive, the two hatch a plan to escape and fail through high jinx spend a better part of the day escaping.

While Arsenio holds one of the largest press conference in Mexico’s History to celebrate the Police’s Victory over the cartels. He later finds the two others and watches there stupid plan happen before Hedion tells them where the next stop is; Glorious North Korea. The band will need a thief of some kind to help with getting the box, luckily a former one is currently part of t USA troops as a performer.

The band hires Yu Hu on the spot, with one of the relic they have collected from Doctor Nuke’s unfortunate end. The group now focus move to cut all loose ends in Mexico including the faking Police Commissioner Arsenic’s noble and tragic death.

Before they can do anything the band’s convoy is attacked by the last remaining forces of the Cartels led by Big Hal. The cartel’s attack buries the band in the rubble of the buildings around them. Leaving the band trapped beneath the earth; luckly they can get out of the hole they end up in. The members of the the Band that can’t just swim through the earth start to dig their way out, a slow and tedious event.

Rocky leaves the group behind and arrives to find Mexico City once again in flames as a massive battle between Arsenico’s Spartan Police officers fed off the rabble that is hardly worth their time. Rocky then finds the Odinson and Rocky can’t stand the thought that all of the violence and chaos that surrounds him is really the blessed work of the All Father.

In the dark, Kiara indulges in her cranial desire and starts eating people.

The fight is short as the Odinson brought friends himself, himself, himself, himself, himself, himself, and himself. Rocky Manages to defeat two of them before they overwhelm him leaving him near dead. Before they can land the killing blow the band arrives and manages to kill all but one who takes off running. Partially healed Rocky takes off in pursuit with Clive and Yu in close pursuit. The group corners corner him, and he revivals his Colossus Armor. Yu Hu turns into a six armed daemon with claws and three heads going all out for an attack. A plan is formed and the Band tries to trap the giant thing in a tiger trap then smash him with a building, while someone distracts him. Clive gets the building ready to smash the Odinson while Rocky prepares the tiger pit, Yu stands alone against him. They fight, Yu starts to lose, till the two begin to grapple, and Yu starts to win. The Odinson teleports up and away with Yu and the band tries to augment the plan, failing as the Odinson uses his guile and cunning to thwart them. Which results in Rocky and Yu to losing their memory of the day’s events as the chaos is infected into their minds. Clive having enough tries to step up, nearly getting crushed till he freezes the Odinson in ice, and tries to boil him. The Odinson creates a blizzard inside the ice prison. Clive tries cutting open the armor using some lava and his finely timed micromanagement skills only to find the Odinson has left.

Meanwhile Big Hal takes the city’s VIPs hostage and demands to fight Arsenic one on one, the fight breaks down as Hal becomes distracted with his Music player, Kiara intervenes, and Arsenic adopts Soviet Russia’s Combat theory, throw a lot of good men at the problem. He wins but not before the Hal rigged the place to blow up. Arsenio is believed to be killed in the blast.

Our Band escapes Mexico as the US Troops move into the War Zone that is already cooling down. Mexico City was a city of blood, and it thanks the Scions for their part.

The Spartan Warriors that didn’t simply puff out of existence find a new purpose in the streets of Mexico City. Logos, the titan of Order reached out and gave them the Ability to remain behind and fight. Mexico won’t become a new Sparta but Mexican City Police quickly become of the most dedicated and ruthless law enforcement organizations in the world. Using the best equipment and forcing their officers to meet a level of physical conditioning usually reserved for Olympian Athletes. The Spartan Ideals that they drill into Mexican minds take hold shaping them into a near zealous commandos who believe in one two things serving and protecting. The people of Mexico City can feel a little safer knowing their Police might just be more crazy and dedicated than the bad guys the lock up.

The US military is asked to leave several days later, the troops are happy with this but the US political plans for Mexico are hopeless smashed, as the military is seen as a force trying to take control of the Mexican Capital during the chaos but thankfully the Police and Arsenio where more than capable to end nearly 50 years of terror and fear. A result of this fact causes relations between US and Mexico to deteriorate over the next few years.

With the capture of the CNGJ’s compound, the police began a violent crackdown on corruption inside of Mexico begins. Records of the CNGJ’s helped in the conviction of nearly 400 members of the Mexico Congress. The mayor of Mexico as well as the near impeachment of the President. Mexico’s government is a lot more transparent now, and the validity is no longer an issue of the minds of many voters.

Police Commissioner Arsenio’s “remains” were enshrined in a Church built on the wreckage of the Station he worked out of. While the catholic body won’t recognize the “man” as a Saint that hasn’t stop Police officers from carrying icons of him, those that have suffered injustice making pilgrimages to his shrine to pray. Services held in the Church are said to always be righteously just.

The old gravel quarry, where the battle between Rocky and Caesar Vega was fought. The quarry for a time prospered and brought a small fortune in copper to the group that broke the rocks down. Small diamonds were also found inside the vain as well as an ancient obsidian sword that might have been used for ancient rituals. Life for these Miners was good for a time.

No one can really explain the sudden disappearances of several scores of Polar Bears from Zoos around Mexico. It’s not like they could survived the heat, so when no bodies are found the Zoos become magnets for UFO fanatics and Extraterrestrial Enthusiast. Much to the horror of the Police and Zoo Keepers.

The Old CNGJ is never really used again. Talk of purchasing the grounds for museum were discussed but the amount of Carnage the Cartel destroyed itself with never really leaves the Public mind. Instead the CNGJ drugs become the things of legend as the stories of the effects the drugs must have had on their own people start to be told.

The Drug Trade takes a major blow but it will come back. New players, new groups and new criminals all wanting a piece of the prize that is America’s drug habit. Mexico will see violence but the fear of the Cartels that once plagued Mexico isn’t the same as it had been rather the fear of being caught in the crossfire between the crack teams of the Federal Forces and the poorly equipped and poor train drug runners with that pick the wrong day to run drugs.

Was the Odinson really working for Odin? What does it mean for Rocky and the Band to defy the all father then? With his departure it will be hard to judge the truth of his words. After all Odin can justify anything in the name of Ragnarok or merely deny everything.

The Atzlánti are pleased by both these turn of events in fact they couldn’t ask for a better turn of events. Well maybe Doctor could still be breathing but that was more balancing out the costs. Blood in Mexico will flow, in fact the Band’s action have generated a massive amount of the red liquid and ensured that there will be more.

The New beginning
And that's when the pigs started to fly...

Oh muse, sing of the new heroes. The heroes who would arrive to the city of a King lost to his old foes. Sing of the battles they would fight in the name of a home.


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