There is a wide variety of monstrous beasts powered by the foul blood of the Titans. Almost any mundane animal can be transformed into a gigantic nightmare monster known as a nemean (see Scion: Hero, pp. 312–313). But what happens when a Titan transforms an already titanic creature into a nemean? The result is a monster that even demigods must fear. One such monster is the kraken, an immense nemean created from the already fearsome colossal squid.

A normal colossal squid (the largest member of the squid family and the largest invertebrate in the World) measures as long as 46 feet from the tip of its head to the end of its tentacles. A kraken dwarfs its mundane cousin, stretching more than 200 feet in length.

Krakens are rare and mercifully infertile. When the Titans were bound into Tartarus, only one was known to still exist, and it receded to the safety of the ocean depths. Today, the Gods suspect there may be as many as three of these living weapons of mass destruction in the Titan arsenal: the original Kraken, which was last seen in the Indian Ocean, a Japanese version called the Akkorokamui, which hunts in the Sea of Japan, and a third beast sighted off the coast of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina.

Willy a young scion momentary made a kraken fertile and had it “coupliate” with a scion in his party. This scion killed, let’s hope, the fertile Kraken and recovered his young spawn.

The young Kraken then ate each other until only Junior remained, this young squid was fed mortal remains, ichor and left in a cold dark truck. Until Sara thought it would be funny to throw the Kraken into the Oceans Aquarium Research & Science Center Deep Sea Exhabit. It was funny until Junior started eating everything.

Junior is now quite large for a giant squid and don’t look like he is about to stop.

After Sara sent Junior by USPS flat rate, Junior arrived in New York and was able to escape the confines of his rather large delivery box. While he was in the Hudson, he heard a familiar voice shout help. Junior was rather excited to recognize that it was his father Van. After helping Van escape the Might Mite, he joined in on a battle between the new guy Donny and a Fomorian. While the fight seemed to be going Donny’s way, Van asked Junior if he wanted to help. With a resounding yes, Junior dove down with Van and proceeded to help beat down the Formorian. Even though Junior is one of the largest creatures in the sea, he was still dwarfed by the massive, mutated giant thingy. So, Van and Donny hatched a plan. Van would set himself on fire and have Junior hurl himself into the naked eye socket of the Formorian, which Donny had ripped out. Then, performing their best Shoryuken, launched the Formorian out of the water and allowed Van to perform a secret Deva technique known as Soul Fire of the Karmic Dragon, which allowed Donny, Van and Junior to destroy the Fomorian.


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