MACK the Communication Truck


Relic: ●

Name Armor Mass Mobility Health
MACK! 12 6 -2 15

Vehicles have Armor, Mass, Maneuverability and Health Levels. Armor is their soak. Mass represents the general size of the vehicle. Maneuverability represents the vehicle’s handling and its ability to accelerate quickly for chases—it is a bonus/penalty applied to Control rolls. Health Levels is the number of levels of damage necessary to destroy the vehicle.

MACK! is self aware refrigerated delivery truck. That is all. MACK! still needs gas, and maintenance work.

Has such Mack has been equipped with a Ku2 band flyaway transmission system. Allowing for Satelite communication and broadcast. As well as several smaller radio equipment used to transmit audio and video.

Mack also interior includes multiple display monitors, a massive data computer and a large comfy booth couch with “coffee table” that can retract into the floor thanks to a hydraulic system. Though you can no longer exit through the rear. Instead there is a set of doors located about mid-trailer with a folding step system.

The Freezer unit has been converted into a A/C unit that can keep the data center near freezing making MACK! kind of Cold but enjoyably so.


After Sara put Willy and Marina to death, medically, she needed some place cold to keep them. to keep them from deteriorating too much. Delmar hatched a plan to steal a truck, from a fishery, that he couldn’t drive and barely knew how to hot wire. After talking with the trucks spirit he convinced the truck to drive him home, or rather the Professor’s home.

While on the drive home the Truck realized it kind of likes being self aware, and decided it would join Delmar in the scion’s quest as a faithful companion. Delmar then decided to honor the truck with the, rather uninspiring, name of MACK!

MACK! has recently undergone a transformation of sorts. During the Dragon’s rampage MACK rounded up survivors and deposited them to safety. While not a grand thing it still made MACK stand out. It also insured MACK’s survived, however MACK ran out of gas. Without Gas to power himself he fell into a sleep. When he awoke he had been rebuilt kind by Helen to service as a Communication Hub that could haul the trailers needed by ETFJF.

MACK! has been converted into a communications hub trailer by Helen. Who didn’t realize what she was doing until after she started MACK up. MACK didn’t mind so much, the generator would insure he would at least not pass out again. Also he really didn’t want to be an Ice Truck. He had never thought about being anything else so it was a nice change.

Info about Mack Granate
The Mack Granite Series is one of the most popular and proven trucks on earth. From its stronger frame specially designed for the harsh work of the jobsite to a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, these trucks deliver all the muscle you need. The Mack MP engine gives this truck an edge on the competition as it’s highly fuel-efficient while delivering plenty of horsepower (from 325 to 485 HP) and superior low-end torque to help you conquer the road. Granite offers extreme flexibility to tackle a wide range of applications and is compatible with a host of configurations, including dump, dump with lift axle, five-axle dump, mixer, rear loader, roll off, snowplow, tandem steer mixer, tractor and tri-drive tractor. Add in a galvanized steel cab that delivers unmatched comfort, and Mack Granite makes life easy behind the wheel to help you boost profits.

Engine: Mack® MP8 Horsepower And Torque
MP8 – 13 Liter With 415 To 505 HP And Torque Ratings From 1,570 To 1,760 ft.-lbs.
Mack PowerLeash™ Engine Brake – (MP7 – 420 HP At 2,100 RPM / MP8 – 425 HP At 2,100 RPM) REPTO
Rear Engine Power Takeoff) – SAE 1350
V-MAC® IV – Total Vehicle Electronics
Air Compressor – 18.5 cfm / 37.4 cfm Mack Coolant Conditioner
ClearTech™ SCR – Available Horizontal or Back-Of-Cab
Diesel Particulate Filter – Mack Cap (Passenger Side Under Step)
Single Vertical Exhaust
Silicone Engine Hoses And Tubing
Poly-V Fan Belt With Automatic Tensioner
Fan Drive, Electronically Modulated Multi-Speed Viscous / On-Off
Flywheel Housing – Aluminum (Lightweight)
Radiator – Aluminum Core
Electronic Starter Interlock


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