Howa B90 Prototype

The Nagai Hikō Ken

weapon (ranged)
Type Accuracy Damage Ammo Range Defense Penalty Speed
Bolt Action .50 Sniper Bullpup Rifle +4 +X:10L Unlimited Unlimited -1 5

Being hit by the bullet of this weapon causes stunning, regardless of Soak, unless fortitude test against the Net Damage succeeds. If target has Hardness it ignores the test and the stunning.

This weapon is scoped, gaining a single +1 accuracy for aiming, but also gaining a plus +1 for every thousand units it is used over. Additional called shots are worth one penalty less.

Bipod +1 accuracy when deployed, but user counts as being unmoving.


The M90 was designed and produced from 1990 to 1995 as a bolt-action alternative to the semi-automatic Barrett M82. It was a bolt-action rifle in a bullpup design. The weapon featured a fluted barrel with integrated muzzle brake, 2 part receiver (upper and lower), folding bipod, and a 5-round detachable box magazine. The M90 had no iron sights, but instead had a Picatinny rail for the mounting of a scope.

In 1995, Barrett stopped production of the M90, and replaced it with the M95.

Howa Machinery Company Ltd (豊和工業株式会社 [howa kogyo kabusiki-gaisya]) is a Japanese machinery manufacturer. The company is known internationally for their production of military and civilian firearms. However, they also manufacture civilian products such as industrial tools, construction vehicles and windows and doors.

Since 1940 Howa has been heavily involved in the Japanese armaments industry. Many of their WWII-era weapons are highly sought after collector’s items. Howa was involved in manufacturing the famous Arisaka Rifle series.

In 1994 Howa placed a bid with the Japanese Defense for a 12.7×99mm NATO rounds, due to a manufacturing agreement with Howa and the US military they had the access to the design to Barrett Manufacturing patents. After acquiring the design of the M90, Hato applied some other their own design ideas to the weapon and present the Howa B90 Rebuild to the JDF. Being named the B90 in honor of, and in an attempt to avoid the coming legal battle with, Ronnie Barrett.

The JDF rejected the rifle on the grounds of cost and lack of a “real” need for a high caliber sniper rifle. Normally that would be the end of the story.

However, Raijin was at the test with Susano-o the day of the presentation and purchased the protype after JDF’s rejection. To him it really did sound a lot like thunder when it was fired. After tinkering with the rifle for some time he eventually forgot about the rifle, till he found his scion Delmare. He gave him the rifle as he wasn’t using it.

Howa B90 Prototype

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