Guan Yi

Huong's Motorcycle


Huong’s motorcycle is a custom bike with the soul of an Imperial Guardian Lion inside of it. 5 dot relic that when in animal form has the same stats as a Nemean Lion but with increased intelligence and the ability to communicate by spoken word. He is able to transform by way of Living Hexagram Metamorphosis into a custom motorcycle that never needs fuel and can approach speeds of over 500 mph.


Guan Yi was a faithful and protective Guardian of the Jade Emperor. Tragically, he was killed in a battle with demons while protecting his charge. In remembrance of giving his life for the Jade Emperor, he ordered Guan Yi’s soul to be placed into that of a statue so that Guan Yi could always stand watch over the people of China. When Nezha’s most recent Scion, Huong Xiang became a demigod, Nezha wanted to get him something special. Knowing Huong’s love of fast things, Nezha took Guan Yi’s spirit and placed into a motorcycle. Guan Yi’s soul altered the motorcycle in an unforeseen and radical way. With the placement of his soul, the motorcycle gained the ability to become Guan Yi as he was before death.

Guan Yi

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