था आग

Thā-āga, MMA gloves of Durjaya Vanishika

weapon (melee)

Pruview Access: Fire and War, Speed -1


“We train. I have something for you by the way.” John went over to a box that looked like something out of the Temple of Doom. When he opened it, there were two gloves in it. One red, one black and both with a language on them that Van could not read.

“What do they say,” asked Van. “The red one says ‘Fire’ in Hindi and the other one says ‘War’ on it. Your father wanted you to have them.”

When Van picked them up, they felt denser than the gloves he was used to, but they were a lot lighter than normal as well.

“These gloves are really light. I don’t think I could a lot of damage with them.”

“Look at this way. One bee sting may not hurt a lot, but a thousand of them can take down even the biggest bull. That is your goal as a fighter. You won’t be the strongest guy, but you will most assuredly be the fastest.”

This is the fist time these gloves have seen the light. Shiva custom made these gloves for his son Van after his visitation. Van is the first owner of these Gloves and he hopes to turn them into items of Legend. He’s well on his way to doing that. Right now he’s happy with them, but if he makes demigod, he’s going to ask for an upgrade. Maybe some armored gauntlets. That would look awesome.

था आग

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