Giant's Blood

Bottled Eitr


Bonus dice of Giants’ Legend to Strength or Stamina.


The trophy for a giant is its heart, which remains behind after death. If recovered promptly, the heart will still hold a quantity of the giant’s eitr, which can be poured into any suitable receptacle. Once consumed, this eitr confers three bonus dice that can be allocated to either Strength or Stamina as the player wishes for the duration of a scene. Once the giant has been slain, his eitr no longer has any mind-altering properties, and the blood is safe for Scions to drink for its potent properties. A typical giant heart contains enough blood to supply (the giant’s Legend x 3) doses. The blood will keep indefinitely as long as it is kept in a relatively airtight container. An empty three-liter soda bottle works just fi ne as long as the Scion doesn’t lose the cap.

Giant's Blood

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