Chukwa was the first and the biggest turtle who supported the earth in the Hindu myth


Creature: ●● (Upgrades can only apply to what a scion put on or inside of the Chukwa’s shell.)

Strength 15, Dexterity 1, Stamina 25,
Charisma 1, Manipulation 2, Appearance 1,
Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 2
Endurance 4
Awareness 4, Control 4, Fortitude 5, Integrity 2, Melee 2, Survival 3 Supernatural Powers: Epic Attributes:
Epic Strength 5 (all knacks for lifting)
Epic Stamina 10 (all knacks)

Tank: Chukwas’ shells are, for all intents and purposes, impenetrable; nothing can pierce or crush the shell. While inside the shell, Scions are impervious to attack from all sides. However, there is one soft spot: the Chukwa’s head. The Chukwa can be killed with an attack to its head. This attack usually requires either a Trick Shot or aimed attack. If the Chukwa is dead, the fleshy innards dissolve into the ether, leaving the hard shell (and the Scion inside). The shell still retains its hardness, but the Scion is also vulnerable to aimed attacks and Trick Shots. Submarine: While in water, the Chukwa swims at a speed of 40 miles per hour and does not need tocome up for air. It can dive to a depth of one league, although the Scion inside is still subject to the vagaries of pressure and temperature. On land, the Chukwa walks at a Movement of 3.

Join Battle: 3
Bite: Accuracy 5, Damage 15:11L, Parry DV -, Speed 10
Soak: 10A/59L/71B
Health Levels: (for head/legs/inner flesh) 20
Dodge DV: 1 Willpower: 5


Chukwa is the giant turtle that supports the World on its shell. As legend goes, the World sits on the shoulders of Maha-pudma, the first elephant, who in turn stands on the shell of Chukwa, who swims in Ksheerasagar, the primordial ocean of milk. A large, lumbering beast, Chukwa is serenely patient and dutiful to the wishes of the Devas, who have commanded the turtle to balance the World at all times and act as the foundation for all of creation. It is a difficult task, but one that Chukwa performs with the utmost of dignity and courage.

Since the siege of the Titans, Chukwa has been in a precarious position. While the milky ocean of Ksheerasagar straddles the realms of the World and the Overworld, he has been able to continue his duties unimpeded. However, the influence of the Titans has enacted fear and anxiety into Chukwa, and though he remains steadfast in the face of increasing pressure, the threats of the titanspawn have begun to show the strain in his mission. The increasing number of earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters are a result of his trembling, the aftershock of fear reverberating throughout his shell, up the elephant and into the World.

When a Scion summons Chukwa, he is not summoning the actual tortoise supporting the World, but rather an avatar of the turtle. These turtles are slow and lumbering on land, almost inert. On solid ground, these turtles are not good creatures to have around: Not only are they massive, but they are also shiftless and lazy. Land is not the place they want to be. However, if a chukwa is summoned while in the water, it can easily zip past a speed boat or any other aquatic vessel. Some of the more pert chukwa have been known to challenge mermaids to swimming contests, easily besting the aquatic nymphs. Any Scion may ride inside or atop of a chukwa’s shell, whether by land or by sea. There is plenty of space for the Scion to sit (although it may be a trifle uncomfortable and slimy); she must simply climb into the shell through the opening for the tortoise’s head. This hole seals up once the chukwa pokes its head through. The chukwa will gladly transport the Scion in its shell.

Sometimes Scion use a Chukwa as a mobile base of operations, the nigh immortally makes them excellent mobile command fortresses but mobile artillery emplacements. Some Deva Scions enjoy being able to take their own person islands Offroading.


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