Zora Heymans

Gentle Scion of Freyr


Zora isn’t really a fighter; she is more likely to run away from danger, leaving plants to guard her passing and slow pursuit.

Zora is likely the most capable healer of the Dragonslayers.


Zora recently transferred to NYU into their APPLIED URBAN SCIENCE AND INFORMATION (AUSI) program. She has a thesis she is building on Urban Gardens, though that might have to wait as she is finding her years in medical school are becoming a necessity as the band tries to carve a safe territory in the city that never sleeps.

Her thesis is actually really ground breaking and assuming it gains any traction it could redefine a lot of urban american’s lives for the better… But it likely won’t be published,and even if it is it will like as not be buried. Zora’s path as a Scion has her seek other avenues of opportunity in the world, and that’s something that she is having trouble accepting.

Zora has been in NYC the second longest, and while she was aware of her divine nature she isn’t ready to fully accept it. Something that is kind of funny to the rest of the band since she has had to figure out re-attaching amputated limbs and curing the city of fatal giant flu on at least three other occasions.

Whatever you do, though, don’t tell her she has a “healing touch.”

While trapped in Providence she helped at the hospital tend, and detox her new large wacky band because they kept getting poisoned by Z, Felix and Danny.

Zora Heymans

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