Willy "One-Eyed" Dickson

The Mad Scioncetist of Aqwe


One eyed dark skinned man.

LISP codename: Jimber

Has a scar in the shape of three interconnected rectangles on the back of his left hand.


Report from LISP (Logos Intellengent Services and Proctetion):

William Richard Dickson was born in Haiti. Willy's early history is difficult to place, his transitory nature makes it difficult to make observations. Mother was in love with the Father Diety, spent a lot of her time searching for him. Education is speculated as Willy received education from tutors as well his reading what he could. No transaction account available, an alternative theory is that Mother simply dated these men and a byproduct of their presence in Willy's life.

Mother Perished in a storm, unknown if deity was involved. Willy, still rather young, washed up in Somalia. Unknown but became a part of the Somalia Pirates. Likely his visitation happened when the Indian-Chinese Joint Naval tactical forces assault the Pirate Coast trying to clear up Arabian peninsula and free shipping lanes of the Egyptian Canal. 

Ended up enrolled in several Colleges after this moving around but did receive an MD and EngD courtesy of France University.

Last spotted in the Atlantic head northward.

Memo from Big Head LIS (Logos Intellegence Services):
Agent Class please tell me that Agent Teach was taking liberties with reports again.

Report from Field Agent Class 2nd Class
Negative Big Head. Report accurate. Kraken engaged in sexual action with subject Durjaya “Van” Vanishika. Kraken young are currently guarded by Maenads and Localized Mystery Deity, identified as “Barfly.” Approach problematic.

Memo from Big Head LIS (Logos Intellegence Services):
New orders: Observation.

Report from Field Agent Teacher 3nd Class
Me too?

Memo from Big Head LIS (Logos Intellegence Services):
New orders: Shoot Agent Teacher and Observation. Replacement has been dispatched.

Willy "One-Eyed" Dickson

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