Contract Killer Scion of Raiden

LISP codename: Green Wookie

Walkie talkie, Woodland Gillie suit several, but no artic or winter ones, Relic weapon, Compensating Pistol.


Report from LISP (Logos Intellengent Services and Protection):

 Mother and Step-Father were members of the US Armed forces. Possible different Branches. Mother deployed to Misawa Air Base. The mother received the attention of Raijin during a thunderstorm. (Raijin's mating courting/mating has been attached to this document as Appendix 5b in the event that his courting/mating will become the Godspawns as well.) 

Returned to the Southern United States after Mother's pregnancy showed. Unknown if Father believes that he is the biological. Raised in the deep south. Mortal Father raised the boy to hunt and shoot. Has three younger siblings, all sisters.

In high school was a member of Chess club, Junior Science League, Air Rifle club and the ROTC. Got into several fights, mostly cause by being found breaking into lockers of other students. 4.0 GPA, Delmare has a knack for giving 110% it seems.

Never graduated, altercation with the local criminal element left several dead, and scion running from the law, statue of limitations ran out a while ago... Has been estranged from mortal family due to this action and his former occupation.

Several VIP deaths have been credited to him. Visitation after accepting a contract on one of alias used by his Godling Father, results of assassination attempt are said to be as funny as they were loud. Works exclusively for Amatsukami doing various jobs for them. 


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