Durjaya "Van" Vanishika

MMA Champion Scion of Shiva

LISP Codename: Poppa Squid.

The Present

  • Father to a Kraken, named Junior
  • Big fan of Lovecraft fiction.
  • Hasn’t finished High School.

Threat Assessment from LISP (Logos Intellengent Services and Protection):

Agent: Class
Observational Conclusion: Low Risk/Down grade surveillance.
Poppa Squid is currently on strict diet and exercise regime, which he has placed above all other things. Twice while subjects Green Wookie and Barfly were engaging in illegal acts and low level benign manifestations, Poppa Squid was completing his exercise regime or shopping. Observational Agent and subject got into a heated debate over nightshades in three different grocers. 

Observational Agent Teacher has followed Poppa Squid on his 5 mile jogs, twice joining the Subject on the jogs. (Agent Teacher and subject discussed breathing techniques and what the clouds looked liked, transcript is attached in appendix.) Three times Subject has walked past both Observational Agents, greeting teaching, and posing for a picture with Agent Teach. (Picture was later signed, picture is not attached as Teach is currently keeping the picture on his desk next to the picture of his family.)

Additionally Teach has made a detail report on Poppa Squid's style and his coming odd in the next tournament. Report is not attached as I forwarded to the Archives so it maybe published before the betting pool starts.

The Past!

Van, as he is called by his very few friends, is a bit of a loaner. He has a hard time making friends and keeping them for that matter. The ones he has kept are fiercely loyal to him for some reason. He isn’t a big fan of that. He likes being by himself for the most part.

Van goes through some serious bouts of depression but luckily they don’t last long. Being tremendously athletic and with a natural talent for beating the crap out of people has really helped Van become a huge star with a massive following in the UFC. He rose very quickly though the ranks and now is ranked on top as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world.

His four black belts, 2nd degree in Shoto-kan Karate, 3rd degree in Takahashi-Ryu jiu-jitsu, 2nd degree in Ninjitsu, 3rd degree in Tae-Kwon do and his 10 plus years of Muay-Thai has all but solidified him as one of the most dangerous men in the world. He also has extensive knowledge of surviving out in the wild for months at a time, which is what he does when he needs to get away from the lime-light.

Van doesn’t hate people, he just doesn’t really get along with them. Never has. That has been a major point of contention for most of his life. Other than that, Van has very little to complain about.

He just signed a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with Nike and Under Armour and also his mom owns one of the biggest law firms in the Nation. Money is not an issue with this guy. One thing he cannot stand that has pissed him off more than anything is when he is slighted, like the first time he lost his first championship bout.

The Present!

Being the son of a god who has more personalities than a skit comedy show has really taken a toll on Van’s psyche. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his abilities or how he should use them. Some children of Shiva follow his artistic side and become dancers and yoga instructors. Some follow his warrior aspect and become leaders in the military or exceptional soldiers for hire. Most are a combination of all of these. The extremely rare ones follow Shiva’s world destruction ways. It takes a sadistic individual to willingly choose this path. Thankfully those are rare. The ones who accidentally fall upon this path are a true force of nature. Masters of Chaos, they are a force unto themselves and true walking disasters. Over the last couple of weeks, Van has decided to choose this path, not willingly, but more of a victim of circumstance. Seeing as he is pretty sure he got fired and being a fugitive of the law, Van has decided to adopt a “fuck-it-all” attitude and destroy everything he touches. He won’t rest either until that traitorous pirate ass hat gets what’s coming to him. But that’s for later. Right now, he just needs figure out what to do while being on the run. He was never good at coming up with a plan. Plus, it wasn’t really his fault either. How was he supposed to know corps men exploded when wet.

The Present Present!

After getting Delmar to the hospital(which, giving the circumstances, Van could really care less about), Van, using his massive amount of brain power and intellect, used his cell phone to check his finances. Good job buddy boy. Now he’s been pinned by a very large black man who smells faintly of rum and tobacco and for some reason, Van can hear drumbeats. He might have taken one too many hits to the head recently.

After having helped defeat an elder dragon by setting it on fire and smashing streets and punching things, Van realizes that a lot of this could have been avoided if he hadn’t been around. Van isn’t a bad guy, bad things just seemed to happen around him. He felt horrible about it too. Come to find out though, it wasn’t his fault. A curse had been placed on him and his fellow band mates. Nevertheless, Van still has some reconciling to do. So, he’s decided to take a sabbatical, which means he’ll disappear into the mountains of Nepal for a few months and meditate to try and balance out his karmic spirit. Much like his father does after destroying the world. No one knows where he decided to go or how he got there, the only real clue to when he left was when the watch in Providence noticed an attractive brunnette left Van’s tent in the middle of the night. That morning, Van was gone. He wasn’t in Providence nor was he even in Rhode Island. When the Band were told to go to China, Amatsukami told the group that they couldn’t find Van and the Devas weren’t talking about his whereabouts either.
h1. Stats and stuff

Strength: 3, Epic Strength:2, Dexterity:4, Epic Dexterity:4, Stamina:4, Epic Stamina:3, Charisma:3, Manipulation:2, Appearance:4, Epic Appearance:1, Perception:2, Intelligence:2, Wits:3

Athletics:5, Awareness:3, Brawl:5, Command:3, Control(Ground):2, Fortitude:3, Kinship:3, Melee:3, Moxie:3, Presence:3, Stealth:3

Yud’dha āga:3 dot relic(Fire, War, -1 Speed)
A pair of MMA gloves given to Van by his divine trainer. The are lighter than most gloves allowing Van to strike much faster than most strikers.

Rahasyamaya gaṅgā kī laukī:3 dot relic(Magic, Mystery, Darkness)
Shiva’s gourd which looks like a magic pumpkin. Van thinks it looks ridiculous, plus it’s freaking huge.

Arājakatā candramā:3 dot relic(Chaos, +2 DV)
A small silver necklace that allows Van to channel his Chaos boons. It’s perfectly polished and reflects light as if it were an actual moon in the sky.

Junior:2 dot(Kraken)
Van’s illegitimate kraken child, Junior is the product of a non-consensual union between Van and a fully grown Kraken. As you may have already guessed, this copulation was not done naturally, but by some weird, perverse magic performed by Willy the Pirate. Seems as if most of Van’s issues stem from the guy. Anyway, Junior is a happy-go-lucky Kraken who loves his dad. Even though Junior is only half-frown, he is still bigger than most normal creatures of the ocean.

Eye of the Storm: A very handy boon that Van tends to under-utilize, mainly because he forgets to use the damn thing.
Hornet’s Nest: Another handy boon that has been the underlying issue in all of Van’s problems right now. It’s because of this one that he’s destroyed several city blocks of New York and unintentionally killed several hundred people.
Paralyzing Confusion: Hasn’t got much use recently, but a pretty powerful boon when used correctly

Fire Immunity: Van can’t tell you how much this boon rocks. If it wasn’t for this boon, Van would have been incinerated more than once.
Bolster Fire: A new boon in Van’s arsenal. He hasn’t used it much considering he just figured out he had it.
Fire eyes: Considering Van isn’t the most perceptive individual out there, doubtful this will get used, but you never know.
Blazing Weapon: Since Van is pound for pound one of the greatest fighters in the world, this one will get tons of use. Now just need to figure out how to get a fire big enough. Oh wait.

Durjaya "Van" Vanishika

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