Italian singer Renzo Achille Alessi, scion of the golden Apollo


Music New Article: Synthesis Union member Raa! in the spotlight

If you had to ask anyone following Synthesis Union who was their favorite personality on the tour it would likely be a resounding unison of Raa! Renzo Achille Alessi has seemed embraced the look of the rich Italian playboy he looks like though not the personality.

Usually seen in Brioni suits, Scarosso shoes, Panerai watches, he certainly does act like he is wearing an ensemble worth more than Ferrari he drives. Something that set him apart instantly from most of the other performers who have tried to either maintain a down to air roots, Exalted Beast and the Texan Twins, or a over the top production of costumes and appearance, Hoshiko-Hime or some middle ground. It has been joked by many that Raa! is the most expensive member of the tour as he has torn several suits in various antics, and once destroyed an outfit when he jumped into the Mississippi to rescue someone’s dog, who could swim as it turned out.

There are a lot of stories like that surrounding Raa! However, another part of Raa!’s favoritism amongst the fans is he is one of the easiest people to approach. He started the ritual of walking around with fans when not performing. Smiles with handshakes for nearly everyone. Known to hand out cds and codes for downloads of his songs. Photobombing selfies of both his fellow performers and fans alike when ever he sees the opportunity. His personal twitter is nearly always replying to anyone that hashtags the event or himself.

While many would argue that Exalted Beast are the guys to get a drink and everyone, no matter how much they deny it, drools a little with Hoshiko-Hime walks in the room. It is Raa! you want to talk to and spent some time with. The fact that he is easily the most attractive male of the group doesn’t hurt either.


Music New Article: Crosser of the Rubicon seeks to work magic again?

Italian singer Raa!, Renzo Achille Alessi, is sort of an italian version of a Justin Timberlake, only without the boy band testing grounds or starship climb to success. Alessi began his career in the church halls of his local cathedral singing in the choir. Much beloved in Italy for his smooth vocals and tendency to sing folk songs as well as modernised twists. It is actually one of the few facts not disputed about Raa! is his raw talent, however, talent alone is not enough to save the modern artist at least not in a world of Auto Tune.

His first single, Roman Holiday (translated), managed to make platinum, selling well in a majority of Europe while his first album, Cross the Rubicon of my Heart (translated), sold enough to go gold, many in Italy and Spain. Many point out that Raa! was incredibly lucky, releasing both his single and his album at a time when the market was relatively quite, something many seem to agree as his album sales on his second and third albums have trailed off. His luck with singles depends largely on whether or not Eurovision is going on. Raa! has sang for Italy for the last years of the event. While earning a large number of votes for his home country, considering the rather politically charged event, he has also the singles of the song he sing typically are the best selling.

It appears Raa! hopes to propel himself to even loftier heights than successful B stringer. Earlier this week the news that still slightly stuns most of the musical journalism committee was the super group of agencies that have come forward stating their intent to have a massive world musical event that will quite literally be touring the world. It seems Raa! gets the dubious honor of being the first headliner to be revealed. While this is interesting turn of events, it might be that the super tour, still yet unnamed, is saving the best for last to keep us all in the dark while playing with us to see who is in fact a member of this super secret galla.

Who ever they are Raa!‘s talent alone might overshadow them even if his fame doesn’t.


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