Red Ribbon Army

The Strange Sino-Japanese PMC operating in the Golden Triangle


Red Ribbon Soldiers are well equipped. All Soldiers were a Red Arm band on their primary arm. Top ranking Member often were a white arm band with the company logo on their primary arm. If the solider are engaging in nighttime or even stealth mission solider will take off the arm band.

As a Sino-Japanese Block PMC group the RR use often Chinese Knockoff weapons as well weapons that have managed to fall into their hands due to the area unstable criminal activity.

Stat Dice
Physical 6
Social 3
Mental 4

All skills should be consider at 4. Unless specialized which are 6.

Unit Attack Pool Damage Pool Speed Horde DV
RR Shìbīng 12 +0:10L-FA 5 15
RR Zhì dàn bīng 12 +15:15l-E 6 15
RR Húlí 19 12:10L-FA 4 18

The Ribbon Army sprang up during the Chinese Civil War. The Ribbon army formed in the south western providence of Sichuan, supposedly, they were a Noe-Communist force finding its proletariat in the abused and environmentally aware farms of the southern provinces, much like Mao Zedong. The ribbon was the promise of a better china following the Blackout day of Korea’s Unification.

However they fell into the radical forces pushing for reforms against the old government who managed to win the conflict. After the final battle of Fujian the radical forces were splintered and forced south out into the jungles of Southern Asia.

Unlike most Radical forces that were fractured by the ending conflict, the Ribbon Army managed not to become a criminal syndicate. The Ribbon Army reformed with surviving groups or absorbed smaller groups that were nearly completely wiped out. This new coalition shuffled its management and its power structure declaring its self a sovereign nation with no home. Due to the pressure of the reformed PRC and the UN guide lines they were unable to win any support for this Nation with no lands. The group then labeled itself a PMC with the name Red Ribbon Army.

They quickly secured many contracts as specialist in fighting PRC’s armed forces. Additionally they quick amassed both technology unconventional weapons. The RR, as they are called, is the current quad-A gold standard for many PMC in world. Today Ten years after the war that nearly destroyed them the Red Ribbon is one of the most powerful, most fund, most independent military powers in the world.

The Red Ribbon Army has an extremely small tolerance for failure, with the penalty for failure usually amounting to execution. The range of executable failures usually ranges between failing a mission objective or for minor blunders/virtually impossible tasks to succeed. This mentally has made the RR one of the most dangerous foes any group can face.

Red Ribbon Army

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