Kaminari, Narukami, Raijin


Associated Powers:
Epic Appearance, Epic Dexterity, Guardian, Sky, Tsukumo-Gami

Athletics, Brawl, Fortitude, Marksmanship, Presence, Science


Without a doubt the greatest wild card among the Amatsukami, Raiden is a sight to behold, a towering blue- or red-skinned ogre riding the clouds, striking air, land and living thing alike with his thunder and lightning and laughing uproariously. Formerly merely a monster like his ogre brethren, Raiden now serves Amaterasu and the other gods, at least in theory, though he’s much more likely to be found doing whatever entertains him than what he probably should be pursuing. He is a god of thunder and rules the unruly skies along with his brother Fujin, the wind god; between the two of them, they can make the skies all but impassible even for the other gods.

Red-skinned, with clawed feet and a demonic visage, orbited by a set of drums and wielding a mighty bow, Raiden is the God of thunder and lightning. A guardian against invaders and invasions, he so effectively turned back the Mongol fleet sent against Japan that only three sailors survived. Many fear him because of his terrible face and his often-angry opinions about the state of the World and the nation. Yet if you can get him to calm down long enough (usually through the application of sake in copious quantities), he proves to be quite a likeable fellow who can offer advice on just about any subject. Whether you take that advice depends on how drunk you made yourself in the process. Raiden is a famous admirer of belly buttons, and he has been known to steal them from people. Current fashion trends favoring bare midriffs please him tremendously.

These days, Raiden is a pig. He is ugly by anyone’s standards, no matter what disguise he puts on. So, other than hiding his teeth, muting the red of his skin and sheathing his feet in boots, Raiden tends to not hide very much of his amiably disgusting behavior. He eats too much, belches and farts publicly, drinks soda in the white rooms and server rooms (of course he works in the computer field—harnessed lightning is always interesting to him) and leers at pretty women. He openly disdains ugly ones. When he plays at being a college student, he wins invitations to fraternities simply because he can be so boorishly funny. After graduation, though, everyone discovers how difficult it can be to have him as a roommate camped on the couch for weeks on end.

Raiden’s Scions are often lesser versions of their father. They might not be quite as appalling, but the apple here never falls very far from the tree. Inclined to indecent behavior and possessing great skill with modern technology, they tend to become the Gods’ programmers and hackers, finding information and defending the soft places in reality’s defenses. Having access to one of the World’s most primal forces, they also have some command over plant life, a powerful, root-level network for change and communication in the World.

Raiden and Bellybuttons
As if he were not generally frightening enough, Raiden has an enormous fondness for bellybuttons and loves to steal and eat them whenever possible, particularly the bellybuttons of children. Whenever the thunder rolls outside, Japanese parents remind their children to hide their bellybuttons with their hands to avoid attracting his rapacious attention.

Logos Intelligence Report
Raiden, code name “Drummer Boy”, only has one rival in destructive power; Thor, code name “Red Son.” Raiden engages in areal combat with everything; titanspawn, friendly gods, trees, rocks, airplanes, clouds, small pits of plants. When Raiden is deployed he is deployed for one one reason only – scorched earth. Amatsukami rarely deploy Raiden, mostly because its exceedingly difficult to reign him in.


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