Professor Qa'zar

Insane, neurotic brain in a jar


The Professor is a mortal, intelligent but mad as hell as well.


Professor Qa’zar (not his real name, but a funny story…) has found THE LONG LOST CITY ATLANTIS! AGAIN!

Okay so maybe the first four hundred times turned out to be a whale orgy, but THIS TIME HE HAS TO BE RIGHT! Well, tenure at the university of Rhode Island is up and he needs this – not only for his name to ring gloriously out across the world of academia, also because, well… He needs the money. He owes a loan shark for debts, his rabbit racing fees are up.

Unfortunately no one is going to give him anything, first 250 times shame on me, fool me 150 times more, shame on you. Luckily, he bumped into the wrong person at a sorority party. The wandering goddess of the Maenads, Keeper of the Addict’s Last Words and Bearer of the Silent Pain that Leads to Addiction and Self-Destruction, Sarah.

Recently his fate has been to be killed, after Bryan Frank caught up to him and killed him. And then harvested his organs. His body was then used to make a nutrient paste for a baby Kraken.

Sarah is working on making him only mostly dead at this point.

The Professor is the first son of a twelfth grandson of a twelfth grandson from Ireland. The Morrigan believes this makes him Irish enough – and she firmly believes that any Irish not in Annwn gives strength to Crom Cruach and, by extension, to the Fomorians.

Hades, on the other hand, states the man lived a Greek Academic life, was not a good person and therefore should drink from The Acheron and be thrown into Tartarus, where he will either be cleansed and allowed to travel to the fields of Asphodel Meadows as a wisp, or he will stay forever.

Neither deity wants to admit defeat.

Yet, somehow, Marina and Willy were able to make a deal between the gods. Unfortunately neither can remember what the deal was when they returned, only that it was important.

Sara has managed to get the Professor thinking again, hopefully now the band can get some answers…

Professor Qa'zar

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