Kore, Nestis, Proserpina, Of the Earth, Bringer of Fruit , Saviour, Holy One, Knowing One, Exacter of Justice, Iron Queen


Purviews: Epic Appearance, Epic Dexterity, Epic Wits, Death, Fertility, Justice, Psychopomp
Abilities: Academics, Empathy, Occult, Politics, Presence, Stealth


The daughter of Demeter and the wife of Hades, Persephone is a divided entity. On one hand, she embodies life and life, the joy that comes in spring; on the other, she is the Iron Queen of the dead, served by flitting shades, and the dread that comes in autumn, when the tribe is unsure who will survive the winter. When she leaves Hades’ side, Persephone is fond of walking the World. Her dalliances with mortal men do not draw Hades’ ire, for she is not his queen during the warmer months of the year. She has been the torch-song singer, the Mafia courtesan, the nurturing prostitute and the gothic diva. The themes of life and death are always mixed up with who she is, and she always wears jewels the color of pomegranates, to remind her of her fate.

She is rival of Aphrodite, for her beauty is equal, if not greater. She is close with Hera – surprisingly, both have a tendency to be jealous “loyal” wives.


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