Oslo The Polar Bear

The slow-witted Polar Bear Lawyer of Samson and Oslo Asc.


Oslo is a slightly taller than a normal polar bear. When not in court, he is encumbered with a special saddle for Clive to ride and flamethrower for burning everything else down. When practicing law, he wears a good suit, a hat, and sunglasses while he carries a briefcase that has his lunch inside.


Oslo is a rare talking polar bear. The Goddess Brigid arrived in the north pole looking for the smartest, loyalest, and most dapper polar she could find. Oslo was the only one that managed to fit any category, and it was in dapper alone.

Brigid armed him with a flamethrower and dropped him off with her son Clive. He had been attending night classes for Law School in his spare time.

While travelling with Clive, Olso was able to make himself a named partner within a swanky New York Law firm catering to occult clientele. He passed the bar exam by eating the examiner, and wins a large number of his cases through eating opposing counsel. Witness and Jury intimidation are also on the list of crimes. He recently has taken on representing the Demigod Yu Hu within the Shen’s Celestial Bureaucracy.

Oslo The Polar Bear

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