The great and powerful foot soldiers of lesser titanspawns.


An oni is a giant or ogre from Japanese legend. Oni are considered to all be members of the same species, but in fact, no two look alike. Oni have the standard height for a giant, but typically have odd skin colors and usually some form of animalistic features, such as tusks, horns or fur. All, however, are uniformly hideous and incredibly strong, even for giants. Unlike most giants, an oni has no reasonable possibility of disguising herself in the presence of a mortal. At best, an oni could try wearing a heavy trench coat and pulling a hat down over his head. Against Scions, most oni don’t even bother with subtlety. They just wade into battle wearing nothing but animal pelts or a crude loinclot.


Notable Oni

Marrow Sucker

An oni who managed to raise a war host of Yokai to capture the scion Hoshiko-Hime before he was killed by Shou on top of the Toranomon Hills. While the building burn and his Yokai army was crushed and scattered many defecting to the Gods’ side.


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