Lucas Ball

Dead God of the Supersonic.


A man who stands a little taller than average, curling vibrate fire red hair that is almost too long by the Royal Army’s standards with a short beard neatly and eyes the clear blue of twilight.

A British Pilot hailing from Scotland that is known for his creative mechanical skills and love of Twinkies, as will as his mechanical Twinky skill.

Buried in a nameless grave somewhere in North Korea.


When Lucas was a boy, he was living outside of the RAF base Lossiemouth. As a youth he would watch as fighter squads of Typhoon F2s would make mock scrambles. He fell in love with the scream of jets and the idea of freedom flight would bring him.

As a youth he was a violent lad, he would fight harder and faster than all his peers when his visitation came around he realized he would always need to fight. This, plus prompting from his divine father would lead him to earning the rank of Wing Commander.

When Lucas earned the rank of Flight Lieutenant he was one of the RAF pilots to engage the mad God Rache during Zday. He was shot down and crashed in Isles of Lewis where he joined up with The Scion Band Tomorrow’s Revenge. He helped liberate London and continued with the band until they were able to slay the Mad God Rache, a feat that would earn the band Godhood.

Sadly after fighting in the Titanomachy nearly nonstop he would be killed by a Demigod named Rocky after he chased in an Anti-theoanth field.

Lucas Ball

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