Lu Wang

The Greatest since his Ancestor


A Chinese American hoping to be the next Bruce Lee. Unfortunately Hollywood doesn’t really need Kung Fu films, for some stupid reason. After this relatively disappointing discovery Lu Wang found out he was a the descent of Lu Bu, the greatest warrior of the Romance Three Kingdom and Lu Bu had finally earned the right, or finished the paperwork to activate the ichor of a descent of his choice. While this meant Lu Wang was going to be far greater than he hoped it also meant no one would see his fame.

Complicating this matter was the simple fact that Lu Bu had always been trouble, Lu Wang’s bash American attitude didn’t help. The Shen negotiated with the Amatsukami to lead the scion to the group in the hope that he would cause more problems with them than solve.

Amaterasu choose to place Wang in a protection roll over her daughter, Hoshiko, much to the idols annoyance. Wang became infatuated with the idol’s beauty, fate cruelly tieing his heart strings in desire for her. Hoshiko on the other hand found him a bore and had eyes for Ayame alone.

Wang fought beside Sho the Tengu and his sister, Ayame the Tengu, during Hoshiko’s kidnapping.

Wang also travelled with them during the Synthesis Union world tour, though relationships were strained through more than the pair first thought. As Wang helped planned the devastating cultist attack on the group in Dhaka. Only to turn around on the Cultist when they

Wang recently relieved his treachery by helping a group of Titan aligned Tengu’s kidnapped the young gods, though they have freed themselves. Time will tell if Wang should ever suffer for this

Lu Wang

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