LISP Agents

The men and woman of Logos Intellegence Service and Protection.


All agents are designed to be superhuman. They are faster and stronger, with the powers of ten ‘normal’ human beings.

Mainly Agents of LISP collect information and observe acting to keep order, or as much of order there truly is. They often have authority over most mortal agencies and peacekeepers.

BIG HEAD is the mysterious head of LISP.


No one is sure whether Agents were created by Logos, or are a twisting of Mortals upon the very nature of Overworld. Logos – as a True Titan – is unquestionable and uncompromising, so there is nothing but the facts as far as the Great Titan is concerned.

Logos recruits all of its Agents from Mortals that have been influenced, altered, killed or destroyed by both sides of the Titanomachy. However Scions are often the most directly targeted by LISP.

The reason for this is Scions have no fate lines when they are born, part of the reason the gods are so willing to use them in the mortal world and throw them into mortal danger. The unfortunate side effect is that all mortals’ lives are changed simply by being in a Scion’s presence. Logos, and more to the point LISP, intercept these mortals and salvage what remains of these mortals after their brief encounters and transmute them into their Agents. Understandably, not every agent salvaged in such a fashion is fit for normal human interactions.

The Agents first appear in the early 1950s, amidst UFO conspiracies combined with cold war fears and world powers’ spy games ramping up. Of course, there were real men dressed in the ubiquitous black suits of the 1950s. These men were, of course, looking for Communist sympathizers and spies alike. The paranoia of the time gave birth to the idea of a modern pooka, in this case one of the nameless ABC defense agencies keeping you safe, even if you didn’t realize it.

Many deities and immortals claimed that these MIB were once just normal mortals, but as truth, conspiracies and secrets were woven together the agents of LISP began to have their own ichor and with it their own godly might. Extra Terrestrial technology and xenobiology, however, are not true- unless you count being from the Overworld.

LISP Agents

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