Lew Piovene

The Lion hearted Scion of Sekhmet


In his “normal” persona as an office drone, Lew doesn’t look like much. In fact, his band usually doesn’t recognize him. He is still as strong; just its really hard to remember that.

In his ’Yorker Lion appearance, Lew is nearly bestial – savagely violent and strong. Lew is something of a berzerker; often becoming so fixated on the idea of finishing the fight he goes into what the band calls “Terminator mode.”

Lew has been known to chase a target down and rip them apart only to realize he is in the middle of a preschool… After he is already covered in the blood and viscera of his foe.


Lew is a heavy metal enthusiast that likes nothing more a good mosh pit, loud music and beer. Outwardly appears in the day to be a laid back and boring data-entry drone, but by night he is into the Underground Metal Scene and vigilante street justice.

By day, Lew works as a drone for a banking firm on Wallstreet. Numbers and brown bag special. A lot of his co-workers think he is friendly in a slightly off-putting way but worry about him blowing them all up. Despite being raised Jewish…

Meanwhile, the Yorker Lion is one of the most controversial urban legends of NYC’s modern era. On one hand, the Lion has dropped some crime rates in many areas but in others the violence has escalated immensely. At the moment, nothing big enough has happened to allow the Yorker Lion to anything more than explained as the muttering of crazed movie fans.

Lew is slowly losing himself in the division between his two personas. Lew the drone is often easily forgettable; so much so his own band keeps forgetting he and the Yorker Lion are the same person.

When the New Amsterdam band went north to providence Lew stay in New York mostly because of his job and he believed he could do more Good in the City. When the riot broke out he was immune to it and started trying to turn the riot into a non-deadly one. Which cause him to trade blows with the PMC groups resulting in him become public enemy number one.

At the moment he is still in New York.

Lew Piovene

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