Karol Macek

Scion of Tyr


Karol isn’t ever far from her bike, something she takes pride in, though jumping out of a ten story window to get to it might be a little nuts. Karol is often riding the thing into battle and fighting from the back of it.

Karol weapon of choice is a shotgun given to her by Tyr. A four-barrel, breach loading, monstrous sawed-off horror. While it can pulp most things into a red haze, it’s the fact that Karol has got reloading down so fast that most foes spend more time behind cover rather than taking the scion down.

One of Tyr’s fine dwarven halberds was also gifted to his young Scion. Karol uses the weapon one-handed; keeping enemies away from her bike, her, and her shotgun leveled at them.


Karol is serious and hot blooded. This could be because the MC she was born into were not very forward thinking on the matter of female members, or it could have been how she felt different her whole life and never really understood. If Karol could appreciate irony, she’s something of a modern day knight; despite the fact she activity dislikes anyone doing anything nice for her. (And suggesting she isn’t the hard broiled biker she acts like is a quick way to lose your teeth.)

She arrived in New York with a rug sack and the bike her mortal Father left her. She is fiercely protective of her band is often distrustful of others.

Tyr tried to make himself known by racing her out west of the Appalachians, where she almost ran him off the road. It was only by luck, strength and courage that Tyr didn’t perish that day. The long talk that followed wasn’t so much a talk as a lot of shouting. While Tyr was happy to have a fierce Scion like Karol trying to talk to her is just as much trouble fighting the Joten.

Karol hasn’t been in the Scion game for long, but most safe bets are on her becoming something truly legendary.

While trapped in Providence Karol ran a garage and tried to keep Construction equipment running. While she helped Helen and Delmar with their Projects.

Karol Macek

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