Kōrin Hoshiko begin her Idol Career as a young talent for the ever increasing group of AKB48. While not the youngest member of the near 140 group, she was close. For a year and half she appeared with group gaining a major following until she suddenly broke her contract with the AKS Company to appear on a new upcoming label and agency Haru Limited.

Haru Ltd was created by Amaterasu as a Multimedia telecommunication production company to found a more Traditional Cultural movement.

Kōrin Hoshiko was to be a side project for the young company to make a profit for the more "culturally enriching” projects. Kōrin Hoshiko began to sing reimagined classics and use classical dance traditions in her routines. The results made her popular on an international level for her blend of new and old and more, which was simultaneously often a blend of West and East.

Mega Neo-Japan Tour

Kōrin Hoshiko refashioned herself as Hoshiko-Hime after her second independent single earn her a reputation for being considered very regal by interviewers and fans. Which was the public persona she was expect of her by her mother and major bank roller, Amaterasu.

Behind closed doors she was less patient and understanding, often wanting to “de-stress” or cut loose from the stuffy business that had become her persona. Often this made protecting the rising star difficult as she would ditched her escorts to engage in the Japanese nightlife. Protecting her was as much about her personal safety as it was protecting the persona.

Hoshiko-Hime become well known for blending tradition both new and old in fashion, music and dance. Often choosing elaborate stage and costumes that have made her popular even if her music was not understood.

Naturally this popularity attracted the attention of more than mortals. Several attempts were made against the young idol, which she remanded Amaterasu feared losing her golden goose sought other young scion to travel with her. At first they were a small group that helped with the tour as much protected the idol.

Notably there was…

Ayame, the youngest child of Sōjōbō, was able to track the girl down, and often acting as her keeper between fixing the massive amount of technical problems; either a result of sabotage or Hoshiko talent. Ayame’s intelligence often enabled her to be the tactical power behind the band.

Lu Wang a Shen scion of Lu Bu from California, USA, who was “gifted” to the Amatsukami. Much like the ancestor he derives his power from, Wang was wild and ambitious. The Shen felt that they could both sooth relations with the Amatsukami and save themselves the headache of Lu Bu reborn with a Modern American education.

Last member of the group was Taichi, a scion of Raiden, a large grotesque figure of a man who was exceptional skilled at both electronics and pyrotechnics. Generally Taichi keeps to his boothe and remains away from usually everyone.

Hoshiko fought against them as much with them. While it appeared that the band was most a superficial overprotection it did bring many new people and ideas to Hoshiko.

Hoshiko found herself enjoying their company, particularly Ayame who was one of the few people mortal or divine to cause her trouble and keep her attention longer than five minutes. Ayame herself seemed to match Hoshiko interest in her. Hoshiko’s disappearances during this time were as much to get away as it was to get some alone time with the strange new girl in her life.

Senpai Notice me!

Before Hoshiko-hime’s second national tour it was learn that a group was planning an assault on the young idol. Through her divine right and a host of other means Amaterasu sought to create a large protection band for the young idol to protect her from harm and to insure she kept her breakneck schedule of studio time, interviews, film production and “random” appearances. Hoshiko naturally buck this however the increased protection from godlings was stifling for the young idol.

The scope and size of her new tour was tied into other events and ceremonies planned by Amaterasu making the whole tour even more stressful as more and more pressure was put on top of the idol. New additions to the band also changed the dynamic. Though there were many the most notable addition was Sho, the elder brother of Ayame.

After Sho recent defeat at the hand of the massive Oni Marrow Sucker he was placed into the band for as much his own protection as theirs. The reunion with his sister was as much a gift as it was a curse. Often Ayame with her older connection with the band and growing role as Stage and Techincal Manager grew came into conflict Sho’s own personality and martial aptitude and advice which kept the band split on issues as they would constantly bicker. Sho’s dislike of modern Japanese music didn’t help the matters.

Hoshiko keeps trying to get away and while she is super pretty the scion scent to guard are able to resist her charm to keep her on the tight schedule. For most of the tour the scion band is split into three groups; the protection, led by Sho and Wang, the technical guided by the leadership of Taichi and Ayame, and the gofers who were everyone else that could fall in one of the other two categories. For Hoshiko she generally only saw the protection unless something goes wrong. The protection scions were generally around Hoshiko 24/7 with other members of the band taking care of things elsewhere or nearby doing thing to keep the brake neck speed full momentum.

While Ayame spent more time taking care of the behind the scene things for sets and costumes so Hoshiko could be freed up for more. Ayame often left her own touches to tour which Hoshiko was able to easily spot. The result was Hoshiko felt even more isolated and alone as Ayame felt more like a ghost haunting her, while Sho and Wang felt like wardens keeping her trapped in her very literal gilded cage.

Opportunity presented itself when Hoshiko noticed and avenue to escape in a magical portal. Believing this to be an opportunity to slip away Hoshiko took it in the hope that the action would speak louder than her protests and believing that Ayame would be the only one clever, or smart enough to find her.

For the rest of band it was though Hoshiko then vanished into the very literal air and the protection knew they had messed up in a very real and serious way. The band begins to panic when Ayame can’t finder Hoshiko, blames Sho and Wang equally. Wang blames Sho as well. Sho blame Wang. Everyone generally tells both to shut up and help find the idol. Then the news reports riot in Tokyo. A riot which looks more like a rampaging Yokai warband the party makes haste to the Toranomon Hills, the epicenter of the riot.

The truth however was that this was a trap created by Marrow Sucker in an attempt to raise his position in the Yōkai ranks and secure him more power with the Oni hierarchy. Marrow Sucker led a force of yokai who assault the Toranomon Hills and the surround area. There atop 52 story building, Marrow Sucker planned to sacrifice Hoshiko and most of the late night office workers before the rising sun in a show of defiance to Amaterasu.

However Ayame created a brilliant plan that would save both Hoshiko and the mortals trapped inside the building through her logical plan she created a massive illusion to spirit every one of the trapped people away while replacing them with the Band. The plan worked. There atop the burning super structure Sho, Wang, Taichi and the rest of band, minus Ayame and Hoshiko faced offed against the Yōkai army. Slaying many and finally defeating the Oni. However the cost was great and many of the band didn’t survive the experience with except of those named. Sho was able to subjugate a group of wayward Tengu and shift their allegiance back over to the gods

Hoshiko tearfully confessed her attraction to the Tengu girl and reason for her delinquent action was in the vain hope that she could see the other women again since Ayame seems always been the one that found her. Ayame admitted that she held similar feelings for the idol and was happy that the two were reunited without other suffering any harm. Hoshiko already overwhelmed from the stress of her tour, her near death as well as her crush returning her affection push the idol into her second set of tears though ones of joy this time around.

The following day in a press conference Hoshiko citing stress and fatigue, as well as the Oni attack which was being covered as Riot, as her reasons as for Hoshiko-Hime to formally cancel her second tour. She apologized and promising her fans she would return with a new album and continue a much larger tour for the shows she had to cancel. In the meantime Hoshiko used the free time to get to know Ayame better as everyone healed up for the new cycle of their lives.

Praise The Sword of Justice! Praise He who is always rising! Praise Zun!

Following the last of the funerals for their friends as well as the going away party for many more of the old band. Hoshiko worked on her third album. Many singles released were well received both by fans and critics. While Hoshiko maintain a low profile spending more time with Ayame and her brother, occasionally saving him, and Wang from bizarre schemes.

About a month into this self-imposed exile Hoshiko and the Tengu siblings were summoned by Amaterasu to Haru Limited Main Office complex. There she was introduced to Apollo, the Greek God.

Apollo had a scion, a popular pop singer by the name of Renzo Achille Alessi, or Raa! Unfortunately while popular in Italy and large sections of Spain, generally his only exposer was with Eurovision, while that did net him some interested it wasn’t really even to propel him past his current level. Apollo has a mad idea, a sort of crazy dream. Seeing as Eurovision net his son some limelight.


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