Helen Hardin

The Bear of Evil Task Force Justice Five


Guide: 7

Combat: 16:16
Mental: 16:25
Social: 16:16

Helen is a Demigod with a legend of 7 at the moment. She doesn’t really like to fight and prefers to either run business or research level stuff for the group. With MACK! being turned into a Sat truck this means that Helen in the mortal worlds is able to access a lot of high level academic resources.


Helen Hardin is a Mexican orphan who grew up in the new Mexican state. Her mother overdosed on something, and her father a low level cartel member who was killed by the spartan-trained federal forces.

“Hardin is Super smart and has always been our go to girl for fixing our problem with Crime in the smart way.”

“I would not be part of… this team, if you were not for Helen.”

“Hardin has the experience and ingenuity to achieve all of this group’s accomplishments by herself.”

“Helen is the super ordered mind of the keeps this crack team of Do-gooders cracking crime even on Sunday mornings.”

“Helen, is like, everyone’s big sister, super strict but she knows when to cut loose.”

“I don’t really know what to say, I have always just kind of had a strong sense of justice. I love that it has inspired others.”

She joined the Mexican Federal Police force after her secondary education. She served for a few years before moving northward where she started doing independent law enforcement but found funding was exactly beneficial for her goals. So she signed a contract for a Reality TV series follow a team of do gooders she put together. Since then she has been following her dream and filming it for the audience every step of the way!

Helen’s past is relatively the same as her “fake” (read: public) bio would suggest.

As a scion of Athena, she is a strong sense of doing the right thing. She ended up getting suckered into a mentor role for lower legend scions and she now helps them through the Power of Television.

Helen is the second strongest, right after Mighty Might. Though her expertise lie outside of the battlefield. She is still a strong and powerful Demigod if battle should break out.

After being stuck in Rhode Island for three months Helen has proven herself as Team Mom. Or as Team Mom as one can be for a group of Scions. Helen is a woman of contacts and friendships, one she created for own mortal world work.

Helen Hardin

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