Bakeneko Demon of Bastet


Hedion is a calico Japanese Bobtail and a bakeneko that was given to Layla. The Cat is a genius who commits complex digital warfare for fun. He is never far from his digital devices.

Hedion is enigmatic and aloof, often mocking the band he travels with. Whether or not he means it is another matter.

Recently, he was given to the young Demigod Kiara after he was unable to find Layla after she left the group.


When Bastet was living as a Geisha during the Senguko period of Feudal Japan, she became a courtesan to the Daimyo of a minor clan before she “died” in childbirth with Hedion (not his real name.) Hedion was raised with the Daimyo’s natural sons and expected to live as a samurai. However, still no more than a youth, his family was wiped out by one a rival clans and he was executed to quell the chance of rebellion.

Thus it was that the young boy found himself in the afterlife. Some confusion arose with Hedion’s death, the poor boy was Japanese but also an un-visited Scion of the Pesedjet. As Anibus and Izanami debated the finer points of death legality, Bastet got bored.

As a cat, this was unacceptable. She set off in her usual fashion to find a solution that entertained her. Hedion – who was scared, cold and generally really frightened – more or less didn’t know what to do when a strange gaijin offered him a chance to escape death. Not thinking anything about it, he accepted. Bastet turned him into bakeneko, a cat spirit… Then just stole him away, leaving the two death deities arguing over the case. In the fashion of jealous death gods everywhere, they still argue about it to this day.

Bastet explained to the new cat spirit the titan war and the games the gods played and Bastet’s role in the pantheon. Then Bastet dumped him somewhere in Japan and took off, stating she would be back for him but to “have fun in the meantime.” Living like a cat, Hedion lived through several lives; at a temple, with a courtesan for a while, and some time with an old woman, and always trying to help them in his own way.

Many years later, he was forced to join the young Layla, and he stayed with her through her numerous hardships.

After Layla had enough of her mother’s scheming, she decided to leave the Great Game. She gave her farewells to Hedion and her band; Tomorrow’s Past, and walked away from the Game, promising she would be back. Knowing she had to get rid of Hedion, she threw him in a bag and threw him into a river. He did have it coming.

When Hedion managed to get out, he went searching for Layla. Unable to find her, he continued to try. Eventually finding his way to South America where he ended up joining with the band Dusty Crimes.

His last known location was as the XO for the O’Malley’s Grace.


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