Harvey Daveson

Faithful Biker Dwarf of Karol


Harvey is pretty average in Dwarf terms – strong and dependable.

In a fight, Harvey usually works to surprise or pin down foes so Karol can finish them off.

Harvey has proven to be very difficult to kill.

Like all Dwarves, he has a weakness for gold.


Raised deep in the Cave Fortress of Montana Harvey has been always fascinated by the world of Man and its Machines. Toil and Earthwork is a dwarf’s lot in life, until Tyr needed a motorcycle. Not any motorcycle though, a motorcycle fit for a battle god.

An engine forged from the steel of the earth’s core, fueled by the rage of a Wyrm’s trapped soul. Leather tanned from the Midgard Serpent. A chassis made from the harden carved bones of fierce Joten. The body is made from the hardened dreams of men who love the road. The whole machine gleams in the sunlight, as the engine growls with thunder and lighting of a sudden tempest. It is not a bike to merely ride – it is a bike to conquer all roads that ever will be laid upon the dry earth.

So naturally, Tyr gives such a vehicle to his daughter – who wrecks it monthly.

Harvey Daveson

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