Aita, Dispater, Orcus, Pluto, The Unspoken, God of the Underworld, Of Wealth, Ruler of Many, Host of Many, Receiver of the Dead, Saviour of the Dead, The Unseen


Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Arete, Darkness, Death, Earth
Abilities: Academics, Command, Occult, Presence, Stealth, Thrown


Gray all over and heavy-set, Hades is the dour God of death and the Underworld. Joy claims him every six months when Persephone comes to his realm. Although she is a springtime Goddess, Hades found her to be as devious as he, and discovered love rarely granted to Gods of doom and gloom. But Persephone’s mother ripped his fair bride from him and contrived to keep her away from Hades for half of every year. The result is a tormented and angry soul who occasionally beds mortals to assuage his sense of being lost in the currents of eternity.

In modern times, Hades plays roles within a narrow band: the miserly commodities broker, the tight-fisted rich old uncle, the suspicious Treasury Department official, the aggressive IRS agent and the Mafi a don looking for his missing tribute. Hades is always looking for the return of his missing wealth, whether it be lost souls trying to find their way to the Underworld or more material wealth mined from the ground without his permission. He seeks mortal partners who remind him of his queen. Of late, he is angry about his planet being demoted.

Hades Scions often come off almost as manicdepressive. Their moods shift on a dime from doom and gloom to hopeful and humorous (though it’s often the black humor of the gallows). These Scions commonly act as Hades’ agents in the World, reclaiming his lost property (be that wealth or souls) and forwarding the Unseen One’s agendas.

Hades the golden cash cow of the Dodekatheon. His wealth has made him popular in most circle. Hades after all is famous for his Xenia, it is so good of service you might just stay forever.


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