Felix Accorsi

Quick fingered scion of Irusan


Felix is bound by an odd Geas, he must steal something from everyone he meets – and then get away with it.

In return for this compulsion, fate has given him an uncanny grace – a further extension of his already nimble prowess.

Felix isn’t a fighter, or a lover, or really anything but a thief, and sometimes argued a coward. While Felix does take pains to avoid the good fight, he isn’t after to get his hands messy (when its on his terms.)

Felix can steal things, from just about anywhere another trick he picked up from


Felix is a scion so laid back some wonder if he didn’t replace his bones with rubber tubes.

Born to the ever-shrinking Little Italy Felix has spent most of his life in New York and is never sure if he hates it. His mother (a good Italian Catholic) worries over him constantly but then again, being the son of the lord of cats does make you kind of an odd ball with a knack for getting in trouble.

His band mostly found him when he stumbled in on them, and no one is really sure what to do with Felix – but can you really keep a cat away when it wants in?

Felix found the remains of Isaac Jogues then burned them collecting the ashes he traveled to Providence to use the ashes on Duncan but arrived to late.

While trapped in Providence Felix ran the blackmarket and kept the refugee city wet much to everyone’s horror and joy. He also kept stealing things.

Felix Accorsi

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