Duncan the Piky

Fomorian Alligned Immortal

Threat Assessment from LISP (Logos Intellengent Services and Protection):
Agent: School
Observational Conclusion: HIGH RISK AVOID!
Subject Lucky Clover is extremely dangerous. Merely observing places Agents in danger. Subject pretends to not notice Agents, until he can lure them into a trap. Twice surveillance teams assigned with observation duty have been turned into fomorian corpse men. Unknown how long these agents have been thralls of subject.

Lucky Clover is a strong combat threat. Twice kill teams dispatched to eliminate target have gone missing, traces have been found. One time kill team was successful a week later clean up team disappeared. Investigation almost ran afoul of target was able to avoid and resume observation.
Observation Record
Agent School
Targets: Class and Lucky Clover
Record: L. Clover sought out Class after large scale manifestation was reported. (Agents found the remains of True Fomorians and Worms.) Class and Lucky Clover spoke for length. Agents on observation were ordered to give L.Clover a wide area. Unfortunately this meant that targets were out of Sound recording range. Both subjects left the scene and the city shortly there after.

Duncan is actually Half-Fomorian and Half-something else. Violent and Crafty, Duncan doesn’t really care about anything but he dislikes the Tuatha on principle.

Duncan is in New York as a Layover but when he spies Donny he can’t help but want to stretch his sea legs a bit.

Duncan had tussled with the New Amersterdam Band but mostly just pissed them off.

Duncan also can’t be killed, and every death only seems to make him stronger.

Duncan the Piky

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