Donald "Donny" Sinclair

Ne'r-do-well child of The Morrigan and "Professional Bastard"


Age: 28
Calling: Street Fighter and Criminal
Nature: Gambler
Pantheon: Tuatha Dé Danann
God Parent: The Morrigan


The bastard child of an Irish crime boss and The Morrigan in one of her manic, motherly phases, Donald “Donny” Sinclair found himself in the Sinclair Orphanage House of Dublin the very instant his mother’s mood changed. From there, he ended up on the wrong side of the law and various other dangerous people and agencies, traipsing from one bad situation to another, gaining a skill set as a very dangerous street fighter and professional criminal along the way. Donny never stays in one place long if he can help it – his usual M.O. is to enter a city, find small-time connections in the local fighting circuit, sweep his way through the lists to claim the prize money, spend his prize money in lavish displays of opulence and vice, take a week to sober back up, then either try to win more money or get the hell out of dodge, depending on how many enemies he’s made on the first go around. And Donny will make enemies.

This is because Luck, or perhaps Fate, plays a strange game with Donny Sinclair – he’s prone to extreme breaks of ‘good’ fortune (from finding a few hundred dollar bills snagged in a storm drain to an opponent tripping in a fight all the way up to minor disasters playing out more or less in his favor) – but these breaks of luck are always punctuated by equal outbreaks of extremely bad fortune (the hundred dollar bills belong to a local crime lord who knows whereabouts he dropped them, the trip breaks the opponent’s neck on the fall, the ‘minor disaster’ is the tip of the iceberg of a much worse one – See: New Orleans, 2005) Donny has taken to calling himself a ‘storm crow’, and the appellation is apt – disaster inevitably follows in his wake. Thus far, he has managed to avoid dying in the absolute glut of ill fortune that he portends – but Donny quietly nurses a fear that its very likely only a matter of time.

As it stands now, though, he remains hopeful that there may be some way to ‘beat the system’ and outrun his bad luck forever, and as such has adopted a glib, sarcastic persona to cope with the frankly terrifying events he’s endured since his youth, and the immense human suffering that seems to trail along behind him, goaded on by his very presence. Donny has begun showing the subtle cracks of multiple personality disorder – three distinct personas as yet – and wants nothing more from life than a nice, peaceful existence where the only time someone’s trying to kill him is in the ring and he can go home to the same place for more than a month at a stretch. As a child of The Morrigan – particularly as not one of her favorite children – this is exceedingly unlikely.


  • Sinclair house orphanage burns down due to faulty electric wiring; Donny is one of three survivors at the age of 13 and proceeds to flee the custody of the state.
  • At 15, Donny joins a gang of miscreant youth, the “Reed Street Hooligans”
  • At 17, Donny does a stint in Juvenile Prison following arrest during an ‘altercation’ with a rival gang. The only one of the Reed Street Hooligans to get arrested – staying behind to buy time – the remainder of his gang is killed during his six-month sentence, wiped out by a larger and more dangerous outfit of organized crime.
  • That same year, a riot in the Juvenile Prison buys Donny a chance to escape. He makes for Belfast, changes his hair and dress styles and assumes a different name. A fire in the prison during the riot makes it difficult to ascertain who died or escaped in the ensuing fracas.
  • At 18, Donny, now an established street fighter, meets Caitlyn Kinkade – and starts an unlikely but lasting and truly stable and loving relationship with her. Donny swears off his criminal past and cleans up his act.
  • At 20, Donny has his Visitation. The ensuing mental stress drives him and Caitlyn to a series of fights, after a particularly nasty one she leaves their shared flat in a rage, cursing him as she goes. Caitlyn dies that same day in a cafe bombing tied to an incredibly violent splinter group of the IRA.
  • Donny’s first act as a blooded Scion is to attack the splinter group’s Belfast headquarters and burn it to the ground. There are no survivors. The ensuing fire catches several nearby buildings, unleashes chaos on the city as several retaliatory bombings occur. Donny heads for the continent, setting the trajectory for the rest of his life.

Numerous suspicious deaths (in the ring and out), several riots, three joyride crime sprees on as many continents, six arrests (and subsequent escapes, including the charge that led to the above photo in the 2011 London riots) and two counts of entirely unintentional kidnapping have led Donny to the present day, on the run and on a job from his “Beloved Mother” after a high-stakes (and very high-violence) Vegas underground cage fight spilled out into the stands of (very wealthy) patrons, leading to the injury, severe trauma and even deaths of quite a few individuals in the ensuing chaos, as well as the first full-scale casino fire on the strip in decades.

Donald "Donny" Sinclair

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